3. PornfilmfestivalBerlin 22.-26.10.2008

Workshop 3

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25.10.2008, 12:00 – 14:00, Fee 25 Euro ( http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de )
What Does Feminist Porn Look Like?
(in English)
Audacia Ray, New York

Audacia RayIn the last few years, feminist, independent, queer, and alt pornographies have become a visible and viable part of the adult industry, to the excitement of many porn fans, performers, and producers. But there are still a lot of arguments about whether or not porn can be feminist and ethical, and what exactly that looks like.
In this workshop, we’ll deconstruct the meaning of feminist porn and then try to put it back together again in photos and a video that will be produced during the session. We’ll evaluate some examples of sexual media and discuss whether or not they are feminist, and how to tell whether or not they are ethically produced. Then, we’ll set up a scene with a live model (the workshop leader!) and experiment with shooting in a feminist and ethical way. Will what we make challenge assumptions about feminism and porn? Is it possible to make images by ethical and feminist producers look different than other images?
Participants are encouraged to bring their cameras and come prepared to shoot either stills or video. Amateurs are more than welcome!
Audacia Ray will be serving as both workshop leader and muse for the media produced during the session. She is the editor of Village Voice sexuality blog NakedCity.com, director and producer of the award-winning porn film “The Bi Apple”, author of the book “Naked on the Internet”, and a (mostly) retired model and sex worker.

Number of participants: 20 (Women & Men)
Workshop Fee: 25 Euro
Location: WirrWarr
Registration via email to office@pornfilmfestivalberlin.de

workshop 2

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25.10.2008, 15:00 – 18:00, Fee 25 Euro (http:www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)
Bondage Workshop
(in German)
Matthias T. J. Grimme, Hamburg – Japanische Bondage/Shibari

Matthias Grimme
Introduction to Japanese bondage including basic knots, bondage of upper and lower body, securing a suspension rope, health and safety.

Number of participants: 20 (Women & Men)
Workshop Fee: 25 Euro
Location: WirrWarr
Registration via email to office@pornfilmfestivalberlin.de

Special Event 3

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Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School            ( http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de )
25.10., 21:30 (entry 20:30), WirrWarr, ticket 8 Euro
Anmeldung / Registration & Information via dearhedoluxe@hedoluxe.com

Where Cabaret meets Artschool.
Nach dem großen Erfolg im August kommt Dr. Sketchy zurück nach Berlin.
“Warum kann Zeichnen nicht sexy sein?” fragte sich die New Yorker Illustratorin und Burlesque-Tänzerin Molly Crabapple und gründete 2005 “Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School”. Das Prinzip ist ganz einfach: Außergewöhnliche Modelle in aufregenden Kostümen können in gemütlicher Atmosphäre gezeichnet werden, es gibt lustige Zeichenwettbewerbe mit tollen Preisen und weil der Mensch sich gerne unterhalten lässt, gibt es zwischendurch auch noch diverse Cabaret-Einlagen: “Dames, Drawing & Debauchery!”

Where Cabaret meets Artschool.
“Why can’t life drawing be sexy?” asked Molly Crabapple, New York Illustrator and Burlesque dancer herself and founded “Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School” in 2005. It’s easily explained: Outrageous models in fabulous outfits can be drawn in a cosy atmosphere, you can win fantastic prizes in funny drawing competitions and because people like to be entertained there are several cabaret numbers. Dames, Drawing and Debauchery!
Die Modelle für diesen besonderen Abend sind / The models for this special evening are:
Clea Cutthroat, www.myspace.com/cleacutthroat
Lethal Lily, www.myspace.com/lethallily
Mad Kate, www.myspace.com/mad_kate

Durch den Abend führt / Your host is: Hedoluxe, Dr. Sketchy Hamburg,
www.hedoluxe.com, www.myspace.com/hedoluxe

Special event

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Bleu Blanc Rose e.V. presents: (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)
Wendy Delorme
Reading, from the novel “Quatrième génération” (The fourth Generation)
In French and German
French-German electro poetry a cappella
23.10., 20:00, WirrWarr, Eintritt 5/3 Euro

Wendy Delorme + KaCoSóniaMore than “just” a novel, Quatrième Génération is a smart, sensitive, hilarious and poetic queer feminist manifesto, published in France by Editions Grasset in 2007. In this book, a young, lucid and ironic female narrator tells us the tale of queer love and four generations of women in her family, all considered “crazy”.

Wendy Delorme is a French writer who likes to tell her sex life, make up sex stories, undress in public and do public sex. She believes in pornography to save the world.

KaCoSónia is the french spokenword artist of Berlin, and as a poet possesses a veritable word pulping machine in her head. With sensuality, verbal dexterity, dark humour, a fiery temperament and an infectious delight in wordplay, this perfom-writer gives us food for thought on our bodies and cities, gender and sexuality, appearance and reality… and leaves no one unmoved. She wrote two books of short stories published in France by Editions Au Diable Vauvert.

Bleu Blanc Rose e.V. is a french-german lesbian-gay-bi-trans organization from Berlin.


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Locations (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)


Moviemento Kino – Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel. 030-6924785
U-Schönleinstrasse U8, U-Hermannplatz U7, U8, Bus Hermannplatz M41, M29

Eiszeit Kino – Zeughofstr. 20, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel. 030-6116016
U-Görlitzer Bahnhof U1, Bus Görlitzer Bahnhof M29

Xenon Kino – Kolonnenstrasse 5-6, 10827 Berlin-Schöneberg, Tel. 030-78001530
S-Julius-Leber-Brücke S1, Bus Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz M48, M85, 104, 106, 187

Bars & Restaurants

Kulinarisches im Wintergarten / Moviemento
The café in the wintergarden opens 30 minutes before the first screening until midnight, Sunday breakfast buffet is served from 10.30-16 h for 7-9 Euro.
Kino Moviemento – address see above

Mädchen ohne Abitur – Körtestrasse 5, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-61625860
U Südstern U7, Bus Körtestrasse M41
Geöffnet 18 – 2 Uhr, Küche bis Mitternacht
(Filmmakers lunch Thur-Sun 13-15 h, for accredited festivals guests only)


Night Bar – TEK-MER Kreuzberg
Gida Merkezi (ehemaliger Supermarkt / former Supermarket)
Adalbertstrasse 9, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor U1, U8, Bus Oranienstrasse M29

Salons & Workshops

Filme & Toys. Verkaufs- & Infostand mit Sexpertin Laura Méritt.
Während des Festivals täglich 18 – 22 Uhr im Moviemento, Wintergarten, Sonntag zum Frühstück ab 11h.
Sexclusivitäten Salon
Laura Méritt, Fürbringerstr. 2, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-6936666
U Gneisenaustrasse U7, U Mehringdamm U7, U6, Bus Brachvogelstrasse M41
Celebrating the festival is a sexclusive PorYes-Salon with sexpert Laura Méritt and specially selected women’s porn films, from 12 – 20 h.

WirrWarr – Dieffenbachstrasse 36, 2.HH (im Urbanhof), 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Schönleinstrasse U8
Di-So 16-24 Uhr


Apartments am Brandenburger Tor – Wilhelmstrasse 73, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Tel: 030-2007570
S-Unter den Linden S1, S2, S25, U-Mohrenstrasse U2


EXILE Galerie – Alexandrinenstrasse 4, HH Hof 01, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Hallesches Tor U1, U6, Bus-Hallesches Tor M41
Straight To Hell presents: In Cock We Trust
19.10. – 16.11.2008, Do-Sa 12 -18 Uhr
Al Baltrop: Pier Photographs 1975-1986
19.10.2008 – 4.2.2009, Do-Sa 12 -18 Uhr
Kuratiert von / Curated by Billy Miller, New York

Ficken 3000 – Urbanstrasse 70, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-69507335
U-Hermannplatz U7, U8, Bus-Hermannplatz M41, M29
24.10.2008, ab 22 Uhr


Films & Lectures 7 Euro
Workshops 15/25 Euro (registration necessary)
Tickets can be bought at the cinema box office.

Die Veranstalter behalten sich kurzfristige Programmänderungen vor. Die Filme laufen überwiegend in der Originalsprache bzw. mit englischen Untertiteln. Alle Veranstaltungen und Kinovorführungen sind nur für Zuschauer ab 18 Jahren zugängig.