3. PornfilmfestivalBerlin 22.-26.10.2008

PornfilmfestivalBerlin 20 minutes on Youtube….

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Youtube has censured this…. 😉

Visit http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de/08e-festivalinfo.html to see the trailer 😉

Night Bar

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Poster NachtbarDuring the festival we have a special programme of live performances, DJs and VJs in our fabulous night bar at the former supermarket TEK-MER Kreuzberg, Adalbertstrasse 9 in 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg (U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor U1, U8, Bus Oranienstrasse M29). Your host will be Lazlo Pearlman.

22.10., 23:00
Soundtrack opening film “Bad Luck Bettys”
DJ That Fucking Sara (Copenhagen/Berlin)

That Fucking SaraThat Fucking Sara started djing in 1994 in Denmark. Since that she was involved with many different venues and events including a dance theatre in London, various squats in Zurich, an after-party for Erasure, an art opening for Obey, numerous street parades and small dark clubs, a whole slew of gay parties and plenty of other happy fests where it’s been possible for her to share her collection of ghetto bass, electro and Italo disco records.

Performance Lazlo Pearlman (London)

Lazlo PearlmanLazlo Pearlman, finalist in the Erotic Awards for Performance Artist of the Year, is a London based GenderBent, GenderQueer, Female-To-Male Trrrranny Burlesque, Vaudeville, Fetish, Porno and Cabaret performer, song stylist, director and teacher whose twenty year body of work is often but not always based on the fact that he used to be a girl…

DJ Snax (USA/Berlin)

DJ SnaxSnax is an American born electronic soul artist residing in Berlin, Germany. His various musical endeavors in the US and Europe have included co-founding Captain Comatose, and releasing two critically acclaimed solo albums and many singles. He is well known for his heavily funky production style and dynamic stage and DJ gigs. Under the moniker Tony Amherst, Snax has also produced avant-garde soundtracks for gay film production company Cazzo and many others.

DJ Licentious (New York)

DJ Licentious“It is not unusual for me to see people having sex on the dance floor during my sets” DJ Licentious is the name associated with the sexiest music sets known on the planet earth! His ability to seduce even the most glamorous crowds of NYC with his ooze of sounds ranging from disco and industrial to trip-hop and tribal make him a man without equal. His music influences range from Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk, Insane Clown Posse, Hirsute Pursuit all the way to Dolly Parton. Mixing and mashing with a pulsating beat. If you’re looking for a standard night of House Music, don’t cum. If you want a set of music that will make you cum and cum again, DJ Licentious is the one to jump on.

23.10., 22:00

Super 8 screening Molly Shanker (Berlin)

Molly ShankerMolly Shanker presents a special selection from her archives of 70s super 8 porn. Trashy hard core shorts in funky settings, with silly story lines and lots of real pubic hair! Includes cinematic gems by King of Porn Lasse Braun.

Screening “Schwarzwald”

Schwarzwald S T X

USA, 2007, 40 minutes, Richard Kimmel, English original version

Starring Buck Angel, the world famous female-to-male transsexual porn star, and featuring a cast of performance artists, nightclub personalities, exhibitionists, fetishists and over 5,000 leather clad dancers, the movie captures – for the first time on film – the transformative powers of all male gay dance rituals as exemplified by New York City’s 28 year old Black Party. Stylistically, it combines elements of Grimm’s fairy tales as interpreted by Disney, German Expressionist silent films, the modern documentary, and “arty” porn filtered through heavy use of Jungian allegorical archetypes. The film is scored to a continuous dance mix and intended to take audiences on a phantasmagorical trip. It’s a new step in a long tradition of underground queer cinema as a leader in the evolution of the cinematic art form.

DJ Metzgerei Schnitzlbaumer (Berlin)

DJ Metzgerei SchnitzlbaumerMetzgerei Schnitzlbaumer butchers dirty bastard electro. For her a good set of electronic music needs exactly 20 % of singalong – and 100% of straight, hard beats. She rips up that bass and makes you dance like she does. Coz the Metzgerei works as a Gesamtkunstwerk. The console is her stage and she is the live wire in the machinery. A bundle of energy that loves performances, plays all over Europe and lives in Berlin.

Performance Louise de Ville (Paris)

Louise de VilleLouise de Ville scandalizes stages across Europe, performing regularly as a femme, king, and everything in between. She sees gender as performance and plays with stereotype: both honoring and twisting traditional femininity as well as exploring her masculine side and all aspects of her sexuality. She is pleased to be returning to the Festival, with her special mix of naughty and nice!

DJ Tina Pornflakes (Milan)

DJ Tina PornflakesTina Pornflakes is co-founder of the Queer-Crew Pornflakes in Milan.


DJ Simon Wallis (London)

DJ Simon WallisDJ Simon Wallis has been playing on the gay scene in London for over eight years. Current residencies include the world renowned fetish club “Hard On”, where Simon is often seen playing in just his boots! Simon also plays at the underground naked party “Stark Bollock Naked” at London’s Hoist gay fetish club. His sound is best described as thumpin, pumpin uplifting, vocal, sexy house.

24.10., 23:00
DJ Prisce de Cockroach (London)

DJ PrisceDJ Prisce (London) is coming back 2 kick your ass.

Concert Azukita (Argentinia)

AzukitaSee how Azukita – the mythic cult trio from Buenos Aires – tries to fit its elektropop performance into the conventions of the horror film fictional world. This world that has for a main goal to release our most repressed – sexual – fantasies through fear. But Azukita’s desires are absolutely unrepressed and chaotic. And so the show will very soon become a splatter orgy from the screen onto the stage, a sambatronik pop performance of no limits and no boundaries. You can’t miss it!

Azukita’s Sugar Horror Show: “Jason vs. All”; Tatiana Saphir: Vocals, Performance; Min Ko: Vocals, Perfomance; Santiago Blaum: Vocals, Programming, Horror video; Pablo Derka: Video animations.

DJs Carniscelte (Bologna)

DJ Carni ScelteCarniscelte believe that sex isn’t only suitable for private bedrooms, gloomy darkrooms or staged porno shows. Come and try the rapturous delight of an orgasm that strikes you while dancing naked or playing with friends, come and join Carniscelte in its exploration of public sexuality as a medium to share pleasure and to spread cheerfulness in an atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood.

25.10., 23:00
DJ Mz Sunday Luv (Montreal/Paris)

DJ Mz Sunday LuvMz Sunday Luv is a versatile young performer from Canada, Greece and now France. A mixture of 20’s sex siren, 50’s vamp, 80’s punk rocker-boi and futuristic Euro-American street rebel. She plays with gender, fire, live music and vinyl from one continent to another. She is a professional body piercer, well-known live musician and DJ in radio, clubs and public events.

Performance Mouse (London)

MousseThis is a fishy tale – featuring a sexual sea creature from the deepest darkest waters of an East London pond. Behold a very naughty, naughty mermaid who likes to play with goldfish, inserting them in various places and filling her arse with water whilst dancing to drum and bass …her pussy smells of the ocean… come and have a smell …cum and have a closer look

Performance The Fisting Club (Paris)

A hard core performance with Wendy Delorme & Judy Minx, directed by Shu Lea Cheang.

“The Fisting Club” appropriates 8 rules from “Fight Club” and makes fisting sex a participatory performance spectacle.

Wendy DelormeFisting, the ultimate sexual ecstasy, performed live, takes the theater audience on a vaginal spin to climax on female ejaculation.

The 8 rules for FISTING CLUB

1st rule, you do not talk about fisting club

2nd rule, you do not talk about fisting club

3rd rule, someone yells WENDY, fisting is over

4th rule, only two gals to fist

5th rule, one fist at a time

6th rule, no knickers, no sneakers

7th rule, fisting would go on as long as they have to

8th rule, if this is your first fisting club, you have to fist

Judy MinxJudy Minx is a 19-year-old French porn actress. She is also, among other things, a sex-performer, sex-educator, and queer / feminist / sex-positive activist. The porn websites she has worked for range from hardcore mainstream Explicite-Art, to softcore artsy Nakedby, to queer political NoFauxxx.

Wendy Delorme is an author (of a queer novel, a femme manifesto and a short guide about safer BDSM sex) and a sex performer & educator, regularly performs at the European queer porn festivals, hosts sex education workshops with Louis(e) de Ville about safer sex, female ejaculation, fisting, BDSM, …). In 2004 she took part in the first French queer porn feature “One Night Stand” by Émilie Jouvet.

Shu Lea CheangShu Lea Cheang, artist, conceptualist, filmmaker, works in net-based installation, out-genre performance, social interface and film / digital fantasia. In 2008, she led a workshop / performance “EXPLICIT EXPRESS – I am you are high on MILK” for Feminismopornopunk (curated by Beatriz Preciado) at Arteleku, Spain.

DJ Khan (Berlin)

DJ KhanHe who never rests… with heart and blood and beats and laptop. First of Finland, then Cologne. New York, where he produced a twelve inch a week for three years in the 90’s, Mexico and, now, Berlin. Born Can Oral, raised in Frankfurt, of Turkish-Finnish extraction. On signing to indie rock label Matador Records, he decided to create a “living persona”. And so, “Khan” was given flesh and blood and offered up a sacrament of sex and techno to counter the faceless sterility of dance music.

DJ Metzgerei Schnitzlbaumer (Berlin)

DJ Metzgerei SchnitzlbaumerMetzgerei Schnitzlbaumer butchers dirty bastard electro. For her a good set of electronic music needs exactly 20 % of singalong – and 100% of straight, hard beats. She rips up that bass and makes you dance like she does. Coz the Metzgerei works as a Gesamtkunstwerk. The console is her stage and she is the live wire in the machinery. A bundle of energy that loves performances, plays all over Europe and lives in Berlin.

26.10., 23:00
DJ MissLuna (Barcelona)

DJ MissLunaIn 1999, MissLuna had her first contact with Technics turntables. With an unstoppable addiction to vinyl… at any opportunity… whether afterparty or friends establishment, house party or major club…Luna plays. She started with Techno vinyls of her friends, she changed them for the ElectroHouse movement in London and she ended up staying with the most minimalist sounds of the current electronic scene. At the moment she lives in Barcelona.

Performance Brent & Skunk (London)

Performance Brent & SkunkBrent and Skunk are no strangers to the hardcore fetish scene, they have worked for many porn companies and always enjoy their work. They met on a porn shoot and quickly started doing live performances together. They really enjoy doing their shows, especially when there is some audience participation. Usually their performances get wet and sticky. Come see and touch them.

DJ Rosario (Barcelona)

DJ RosarioIt is definitely something that everybody likes about DJ Rosario’s sets: Her skill to always amaze us in her electrohouse sessions – where she goes from the most actual hit to one of those electropop oldies that touches not only the heart of a few ones, in a perfect mix of several styles and musical ages.

DJs Scream Club (Olympia)

DJs Scream ClubScream Club, the Electro Sex Hop Hip Pop Punk Rock Arty Glam Rap Duo from Olympia, WA, is two freaky white rapper chicks stopping hearts everywhere. They collaborated with the likes of Beth Ditto (GOSSIP), Peaches and Busdriver. Tonight they are gonna dj their favourite music for us.

The Nachtbar is managed and curated by Ena Schnitzlbaumer.
© Fotos PornfilmfestivalBerlin

film programme

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The themes of our film programme: ( http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de )

feature films A-Z
short films A-Z
documentaries A-Z
opening night film
closing night film
directors in focus
spectrum asia
behind closed doors
guided sex?
lesbian vampires
jack wrangler – a legend in porn


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Locations (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)


Moviemento Kino – Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel. 030-6924785
U-Schönleinstrasse U8, U-Hermannplatz U7, U8, Bus Hermannplatz M41, M29

Eiszeit Kino – Zeughofstr. 20, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel. 030-6116016
U-Görlitzer Bahnhof U1, Bus Görlitzer Bahnhof M29

Xenon Kino – Kolonnenstrasse 5-6, 10827 Berlin-Schöneberg, Tel. 030-78001530
S-Julius-Leber-BrĂŒcke S1, Bus Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz M48, M85, 104, 106, 187

Bars & Restaurants

Kulinarisches im Wintergarten / Moviemento
The café in the wintergarden opens 30 minutes before the first screening until midnight, Sunday breakfast buffet is served from 10.30-16 h for 7-9 Euro.
Kino Moviemento – address see above

MĂ€dchen ohne Abitur – Körtestrasse 5, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-61625860
U SĂŒdstern U7, Bus Körtestrasse M41
Geöffnet 18 – 2 Uhr, KĂŒche bis Mitternacht
(Filmmakers lunch Thur-Sun 13-15 h, for accredited festivals guests only)


Night Bar – TEK-MER Kreuzberg
Gida Merkezi (ehemaliger Supermarkt / former Supermarket)
Adalbertstrasse 9, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor U1, U8, Bus Oranienstrasse M29

Salons & Workshops

Filme & Toys. Verkaufs- & Infostand mit Sexpertin Laura MĂ©ritt.
WĂ€hrend des Festivals tĂ€glich 18 – 22 Uhr im Moviemento, Wintergarten, Sonntag zum FrĂŒhstĂŒck ab 11h.
SexclusivitÀten Salon
Laura MĂ©ritt, FĂŒrbringerstr. 2, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-6936666
U Gneisenaustrasse U7, U Mehringdamm U7, U6, Bus Brachvogelstrasse M41
Celebrating the festival is a sexclusive PorYes-Salon with sexpert Laura MĂ©ritt and specially selected women’s porn films, from 12 – 20 h.

WirrWarr – Dieffenbachstrasse 36, 2.HH (im Urbanhof), 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Schönleinstrasse U8
Di-So 16-24 Uhr


Apartments am Brandenburger Tor – Wilhelmstrasse 73, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Tel: 030-2007570
S-Unter den Linden S1, S2, S25, U-Mohrenstrasse U2


EXILE Galerie – Alexandrinenstrasse 4, HH Hof 01, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Hallesches Tor U1, U6, Bus-Hallesches Tor M41
Straight To Hell presents: In Cock We Trust
19.10. – 16.11.2008, Do-Sa 12 -18 Uhr
Al Baltrop: Pier Photographs 1975-1986
19.10.2008 – 4.2.2009, Do-Sa 12 -18 Uhr
Kuratiert von / Curated by Billy Miller, New York

Ficken 3000 – Urbanstrasse 70, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-69507335
U-Hermannplatz U7, U8, Bus-Hermannplatz M41, M29
24.10.2008, ab 22 Uhr


Films & Lectures 7 Euro
Workshops 15/25 Euro (registration necessary)
Tickets can be bought at the cinema box office.

Die Veranstalter behalten sich kurzfristige ProgrammĂ€nderungen vor. Die Filme laufen ĂŒberwiegend in der Originalsprache bzw. mit englischen Untertiteln. Alle Veranstaltungen und KinovorfĂŒhrungen sind nur fĂŒr Zuschauer ab 18 Jahren zugĂ€ngig.

Myspace and Facebook

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Visit our nightbar on Myspace!

If you have a Profile on Facebook, you will find the PornfilmfestivalBerlin group here:


The official website of the PornfilmfestivalBerlin:


Herzlich Willkommen !

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3. Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2008

Unterhaltsam, horizonterweiternd, lustig, schamlos, verblĂŒffend und sexy – und schon zum 3. Mal in der Stadt! WĂ€hrend draußen der Winter naht, wird es vom 22.-26.10.2008 in den Kinos Moviemento, Eiszeit und Xenon immer wieder heiß, denn dann gastiert dort das 3. Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2008!

Seit 2006 hat es sich das Pornfilmfestival Berlin auf die Fahnen geschrieben, den cineastischen Sex aus der Schmuddelecke herauszuholen – und die vielfĂ€ltigen Erscheinungsformen der filmischen Fleischeslust auf die große Leinwand zu bringen. Bereits 2006 und 2007 entstand so eine bunte Vielfalt unterschiedlichster kĂŒnstlerischer Herangehensweisen an die großen Themen um Körper, Lust, Liebe und SexualitĂ€t. Auch die 2008er Auslese unseres Programms beginnt, dem Thema entsprechend, mit einem big bang: Bereits zur Eröffnung zeigt die Pulp-Fiction-Retroporno-Phantasmagorie »The Bad Luck Betties« des amerikanischen Alt.Porn-Autorenfilmers Winkytiki, was Porno so alles sein kann: sexy und clever, lustig, und immer wieder auf ĂŒberraschende Weise gegen den Mainstream-Strich gebĂŒrstet.

Dieses Jahr findet zum dritten Mal der Internationale Kurzfilmwettbewerb statt, der Blue Movie Award ist dotiert mit einem Preisgeld von 500 Euro. Die internationale Jury ist hochkarĂ€tig besetzt mit der bekannten Berliner Schauspielerin Susanne Sachsse, dem New Yorker Regisseur Joe Gallant und der Pariser Regisseurin und Photographin Manon des Gryeux. Ausserdem wird der maleflixx.tv Award fĂŒr den besten schwulen Film des gesamten Festivals vergeben.

Unser Spielfilmprogramm bietet unter anderem neue Filme wie Eon McKais »The Doll Underground«, Todd Verows »Where Your Heart Should Be« und Maria Beattys »Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls« sowie das SpielfilmdebĂŒt »The Lost Door« des renommierten Kunstfotografen Roy Stuart. Außerdem zeigen wir die »Brady Bunch«-Parodie »Not The Bradys XXX« und den radikalen Avantgarde-Porno von Kris Kramski »America XXX«. Der Abschlussfilm »Mu Zi Mei« zeigt ein aufregendes Bild der aktuellen sexuellen Revolution in China.

Im Dokumentarfilmprogramm lĂ€uft unter anderem die Deutschlandpremiere von »Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone«, dem einzigartig intimen Portrait des Hustler-GrĂŒnders und Aktivisten fĂŒr die Pressefreiheit von Joan Brooker-Marks. Außerdem gibt es zwei sehr unterschiedliche Frauen zu entdecken: die Hermaphroditin und Prostituierte Claudette in dem Schweizer Beitrag »Claudette« von Sylvie Cachin sowie das sehr persönliche Portrait ĂŒber die junge Pornodarstellerin »Nina« des Franzosen Thibault Staib. Ein breit gefĂ€chertes Kurzfilmprogramm bietet etwas fĂŒr jeden Geschmack, inklusive des beliebten »Fun Porn« Programms.

Wir bieten dieses Jahr eine Reihe von Themenschwerpunkten. Eine spannende Verbindung gehen die 2 Genres Pornographie und Splatterfilm ein. Katharina Klewinghaus’ Dokumentarfilm »Science of Horror – If The Chainsaw Was A Penis« sowie ein Vortrag von Stefan Höltgen (Bonn) dienen dabei als Leitfaden durch unser SplatterPornSpecial – dessen Reichtum sich dann vom vergessenen Meisterwerk »Forced Entry« bis zum unglaublichen Trash von »Edward Penishands« in unseren SpĂ€tvorstellungen entdecken lĂ€sst. Vom Horrorkino ist es dann nicht mehr weit bis zu den Lesbian Vampires, denen in diesem Jahr ebenfalls eine kleine Filmreihe gewidmet ist. Den Mutationen spĂŒren wir in drei höchst unterschiedlichen BeitrĂ€gen von den 70er Jahren bis heute nach. Das Spectrum Asia zeigt mit Filmen aus Japan, Hongkong, Singapur und den Philippinen den Ă€sthetischen wie inhaltlichen Reichtum des asiatischen Sexfilms auf. Dabei freuen wir uns, Werke von international renommierten Filmemachern wie SONO Sion, ZEZE Takahisa oder Khavn de la Cruz zeigen zu können. Aus der weiten Ferne in die (deutschen) Schlafzimmer – dorthin nĂ€mlich sucht unser Themenschwerpunkt Sex privat vorzudringen und zu erforschen, wie es denn wirklich zugeht bei uns und unseren Nachbarinnen unter der Decke. Dass es dabei manchmal zu ĂŒberraschenden Ergebnissen kommt, steht außer Frage – und zeigt sich etwa im historischen Querschnitt durch das Schaffen von Harry S. Morgan, seit ĂŒber 20 Jahren rasender Reporter und Dokumentarist sĂ€mtlicher Facetten deutschen Sexlebens. Das Genre des »privaten« Pornos und seine Entstehung werden kommentiert in einem Vortrag von Stephan Wolf. Einem noch immer tabuisierten Thema – der SexualitĂ€t behinderter Menschen – widmet sich schließlich unser Sonderprogramm Sexualbegleitung?. Der Berliner Dokumentarfilm »Die Heide ruft…« gibt Gelegenheit, mit Protagonisten und Beteiligten zu diskutieren. Und in der Reihe Jack Wrangler – Pornolegende wird die unglaubliche, aber wahre Lebensgeschichte jenes Mannes erzĂ€hlt, dem es gelungen ist, sowohl im schwulen als auch im heterosexuellen Pornofilm zum Superstar zu werden.

Vier sehr verschiedene Regisseure werden in einer Sonderreihe ihre Filme in Berlin persönlich prĂ€sentieren: Charles Lum, der schwule Aktivist aus New York zeigt seine »HIV Collection«; die unabhĂ€ngige Pornoregisseurin Petra Joy stellt ihre neuesten Arbeiten vor; der Found Footage-Experte William E. Jones stellt zwei seiner Arbeiten vor; und schließlich wird der dĂ€nische Porno-Pionier Ole Ege portrĂ€tiert.

In den verschiedenen Sektionen des Festivals finden sich auch vier Filme aus Israel, die ganz unterschiedliche Blicke ermöglichen. Der Dokumentarfilm »Blue« zeigt die tristen Arbeitsbedingungen von Pornodarstellern, die beiden Filme »Pathways« und »Japan Japan« erweitern die Grenzen des narrativen und experimentellen Films und der erste schwule Hardcore-Porno »My Israeli Platoon« wird beim Pornfilmfestival Berlin seine Weltpremiere erleben. Abseits des abwechslungsreichen Filmprogramms hat das Pornfilmfestival Berlin auch in diesem Jahr ein vielfĂ€ltiges Programm aus Special Events (u. a. mit einem erotischen Hörspiel), VortrĂ€gen (u. a. zu Porno und Musik) und Workshops (u. a. Japan-Bondage und Fisting fĂŒr Frauen). NatĂŒrlich hat in den langen FestivalnĂ€chten unsere legendĂ€re Nachtbar ein vielseitiges Programm zu bieten. Und so kann es vom 22.-26.10.2008 eigentlich nur heißen:

Auf, in einen heißen Herbst!