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documentary films A-Z

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DOCUMENTARY FILMS A-Z (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)


H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation

America XXX: A Tribute To Sex And Rock ‘n Roll H X D FT
25.10., 16:30, Eiszeit 2
USA, 2002, 73 minutes, Kris Kramski, English original version
A Tribute To Sex And Rock 'n Roll
This visually and artistically outstanding film by French fashion photographer Kramski is a true avantgarde porn with a politically ambitious undertone. A blend between fiction and documentary, this remains a unique work that combines music and traditional glossy porn iconography with bizarre and transgressive scenarios.

Barcelona Sex Project H X F
26.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2
Spanien, 2008, 110 minutes, Erika Lust, Spain original version with English subtitles
Barcelona Sex Project
Six portraits of true intimacy, personal interviews and real orgasms. “Barcelona Sex Project” is the latest production by Lust Films based on an original idea by Erika Lust. A feminist adult movie, created for women by women, the film discloses the private lives and sexuality of six individuals. The project is based on the conviction that women desire to know a person’s inner character (their beliefs, their character, their feelings, fears and passions) before becoming drawn to them on a sexually intimate level.

Blue H X D SW F
23.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2
Israel, 2007, 74 minutes, Maya Ne’emani, Hebrew original version with English subtitles
The documentary focuses on the lives of three Israeli porn actresses and follows them as they go through the uncensored stages of an adult film production. Pornography bears a strong connection to exploitation. Is it really so that we live in a world which allows one person to take advantage of other people’s personal problems, who feel they have no other choice but to sell their body for money? Or is it possible for women to work in the porn industry without being exploited?

Claudette T NX D SW F
25.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2
Switzerland, 2007, 63 minutes, Sylvie Cachin, French original version with English subtitles
Claudette is an enthusiastic 60-something who is a prostitute and proud of it. Born a hermaphrodite, married and the granddad of a happy family, she lives her ambivalent life with panache. At an age when she should be hanging up her garter, Claudette embarks on a public campaign to defend the rights of prostitutes, risking discovery of the truth about her occupation by her own family and friends. This multifaceted portrait offers food for thought on the nature of gender identity, sexuality, love and individual freedom.

Die Heide ruft: Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen H NX D SW F
26.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Want”
Germany, 2007, 60 minutes, Mirjam Mirwald, Danilo Vetter & Marius Zierold, German original version
Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen
The documentary follows three people with learning difficulties (“mental disabilities”) during an erotic weekend workshop. It provides an in-depth discourse about sexuality and “disability” with professionals as well as the protagonists.

Durch die Nacht mit… Pierre Woodman & Brian Yuzna H NX D SW
26.10., 16:15, Moviemento 2, with Matthew Saliba’s “Vampyros Lesbos”
Germany, 2007, 52 minutes, Hasko Baumann, English original version
Durch die Nacht mit...   Pierre Woodman & Brian Yuzna
“One city, two artists, one night” is the formula for the meeting between the French pornographer Pierre Woodman and the American splatter director Brian Yuzna in Prague.

Geiler Scheiß – Ein Film über Jugendliche und Pornographie H NX D
Germany, 2008, 45 minutes, Medienprojekt Wuppertal, German original version
Geiler Scheiß - Ein Film über Jugendliche und Pornographie
In dem Dokumentarfilm reflektieren Jugendliche offen ihren unterschiedlichen Umgang mit Pornographie im Internet, auf DVDs, in Zeitschriften etc. Junge Pornographiekonsumenten, Experten und Kritiker kommen zu Wort. Im Mittelpunkt steht das Verhältnis zwischen Pornographie, Sexualität und Moralvorstellungen. Jugendliche mit sehr verschiedenem Umgang mit und Meinungen zu Pornographie wurden auf der Straße und in längeren Einzelinterviews befragt. Drei Jungen und drei Mädchen wurden geschlechtsgetrennt beim gemeinsamen Pornokonsum (DVDs, Magazine, Internet) dokumentiert und dieser anschließend reflektiert.

Im Zentrum stehen die Fragen, was Pornographie für Jugendliche bedeutet, das heißt, warum sie wie viel und was gucken bzw. nicht gucken und wie Pornographie auf sie wirkt. Welche Gefahren sehen sie für sich und andere und welche Bedeutung haben Altersbeschränkungen und Verbote für sie, in welchem Zusammenhang steht Pornographie zu ihrer eigenen Sexualität und wie sind die geschlechtsspezifischen Unterschiede. Pornographie wird (auch) moralisch, politisch und in Bezug auf das transportierte Menschen- und Frauenbild erörtert. Außerdem beschreibt und bewertet ein Sexualpädagoge den Pornokonsum bei Jugendlichen. Diese verwechselten in der Regel eben nicht Fiktion und Realität und seien “nicht doofer, verführbarer oder desorientierbarer als Erwachsene.”

Happy Video Privat H L T X
23.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2
Happy Video Privat

Germany, 1980-2005, 75 minutes, Harry S. Morgan, German original version:
Birgit + Steffen aus Leipzig – Faustfick in Sachsen H X

aus “Leder Dildos, nasse Fotzen”
Esther aus Osnabrück – Bis zum letzten Tropfen H X

aus “…die geilen Schätzchen aus der Nachbarschaft”
Eva + Miro aus Wuppertal – Liebeslust im Zug H X

aus “Germany wie es leibt und liebt”
Karin + Ina aus Osnabrück – Harry ist sprachlos… L T X

aus “Pipi auf Karl-Heinz”
Silke + Marco aus Viersen – Anale Leidenschaft H X

aus “Orgasmus Spiele”
The German Harry S. Morgan started filming the private sex lives of Germany in the mid eighties. We screen a selection from his “Happy Video Privat” series. The sex scenes are preceded by interviews with the protagonists. All films and interviews are in German.

Herzfeuer (Heartfire) H T L NX D FT F
25.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2
Germany, 1993, 104 minutes, Mischka Popp & Thomas Bergmann, German original version with English subtitles

We took a trip through German bedrooms. We talked to single people and couples, young and old people all over the country about love, sex and erotic dreams, obsessions and hidden desires. No peep show, no lurid prying under the covers, no educational doctor games, but inquisitive provocative, solid and very open conversations. This is not merely another contribution to the mass of sex-guides, no DIY for eroticists, but an unsettling film from the sensual world. All contributors have one thing in common: an amazing directness and the courage of self recognition.

La nudité toute nue NX D
24.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Alex And Her Arse Truck”
Frankreich, 2007, 52 minutes, Olivier Nicklaus, französische original version with English subtitles

La nudité toute nue
On the front pages, during protest actions, in the cinema and at fitness centres, we increasingly face all sorts of human nakedness. Serious yet witty, this documentary uncovers the bare facts of the contemporary nude, from its performative and transgressive manifestations (Internet, strip tease, pornography, streaking) to its internalized almost spiritual expression (therapeutic forms such as naturism, yoga, naked trekking). The interviewees agreed to respond to the director’s questions, revealing the naked truth about the matter and making “La nudité toute nue” the first nudocumentary in cinema history.

Larry Flynt – The Right To Be Left Alone H NX D SW F
24.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2
USA, 2007, 81 minutes, Joan Brooker-Marks, English original version mit deutschen Untertiteln

Larry Flynt - The Right To Be Left Alone
Both hero and villain, both purveyor of pornography and tireless civil rights advocate, the always controversial publisher of Hustler magazine Larry Flynt is the subject of Joan Brooker-Marks’ tell-all documentary “Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone”. In a timely response to a current political situation where the fundamental civil rights of Americans are being challenged, the film offers an eye-opening and authoritative overview of Flynt’s long-standing struggles to expand the parameters of free speech and expose the hypocrisy of this country’s elected leaders. The documentary focuses on the self-confessed smut peddler’s usually contentious entanglements with politics – from his precedent-setting Supreme Court case against evangelist and adulterer Jerry Falwell, to his prison sentence for refusing to name his source for the tapes documenting FBI entrapment. “Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone” also profiles Flynt’s confrontation of the current administration of George W. Bush on the issues of civil liberties and government transparency as Flynt sued Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon for press access to the battlefield in Iraq.

Nina H X D SW
25.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1
France, 2007, 75 minutes, Thibault Staib, French original version with English subtitles

Nina and Sophie are two very different young women who are caught in the same body and mind. Nina is the porn star, while Sophie is the nice girl from next door. For two years, Nina took over Sophie’s everyday life. Nina took one job after another to finally fulfil her dream of becoming a porn star. She was hoping that the job would allow her to climb the social ladder, pay off her debts and gain recognition and love. But being an actress is a very tough job. Contrary to what people imagine, shooting a porn film is not only a pleasure, it can actually be quite painful for body and mind. One day, Sophie decided to have the upper hand, kick out Nina and stop shooting.
I met Nina at this turning point of our respective lives. Through my looking, both watchful and dumbstruck, I observed this woman managing a real metamorphosis. Then Sophie started writing an autobiography with the title “I Do Assume”: it was her opportunity to face Nina and to clarify the situation with her, but also to draw the attention of her peers. Step by step, our relationship became a love story. A unique and striking rebirth happened before my eyes. Also, with Sophie’s agreement and complicity, I shot her everyday life, our everyday life, to permit her to tell her story freely. For six months, I followed and questioned her to uncover the reasons that pushed her into this singular job. Quickly, I understood that nobody enters the porn industry by chance, neither for pleasure. All along our interviews and walks, the film found its line by itself: Sophie was writing to understand herself better, and I was filming to comprehend her better.
From introspection to autobiography, from assumed exhibitionism to daily life intimacy, the film stands for an impressionist narration built like an identity in re-composition. A story where drollness hides toughness, and obviousness buries contradiction. An unconcealed disorder where emotions jostle together until the portrait ends, before regaining a form of harmony.

Science Of Horror – If The Chainsaw Was A Penis (Science of Horror – Wenn die Kettensäge zum Penis wird) D
24.10., 20:15, Eiszeit 1
Germany, 2008, 81 minutes, Katharina Klewinghaus, English original version with German subtitles

Science Of Horror - If The Chainsaw Was A Penis
Horror films are pornographic and eroticise the abject. Yet, they relieve, they are humorous and challenge cultural taboos. “Science Of Horror” is the first documentary to analyze horror film from the perspective of feminist film critique. Carol Clover discovers the “final girl” in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, an androgynous but clearly feminine hero. Therewith, Clover delivers an essential formula of the genre and the foundation for further assumptions. Women are horror’s favourite victims but also its heroes. The phallus, indicator of social power, becomes a flexible object in horror: The chainsaw in the “final girl’s” hands allows a different look on the cultural norms of Western societies – the genre undermines heterosexual attribution. It is with that theory in mind, that Judith Halberstam develops a queer reading of the genre and illustrates along the “Chucky” series how explicitly sexuality runs through horror and which sexual vicissitudes the genre offers. Those theoretic assumptions are proven with citations from well-known horror films and confronted with statements of renowned filmmakers. Thus, the documentary is the first to lead a discourse between film theory and film practice. Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Tom Savini comment on their films and their fans. Bruce Campbell explains why he depicts a male victim in the “Evil Dead” movies. Joe Hill criticizes “torture porn” because of its shallowness, whereas Neil Marshall elucidates why “The Descent” consciously plays with audience’s expectations. The documentary concludes that there is more to the genre than the sum of its effects. Horror is utterly unique.

Secret Museums NX D
24.10., 16:15, Moviemento 2
Belgium, 2008, 76 minutes, Peter Woditsch, original version with English subtitles

Secret Museums
A documentary looking at the phenomena of hidden erotic art. These pieces are kept in bank safes, hidden behind strong walls and secret doors of the Vatican, lying in special depots of the Louvre-Museum, in special rooms of universities and the British Library or – in private houses. They are erotic, they are art and they have been created by the most known artists and yet only few experts know about these treasures.
In this documentary we are tracking down lost and forgotten treasures of fascinating art. We examine the question how art can be so powerful that it needs to be destroyed, hidden and ignored in our world where all kinds of erotica can be found at any newspaper stand, on TV, DVD and the Internet? It is a subject that few of us know much about, but which has implications for all.

Wrangler: Anatomy Of An Icon H S NX D SW
26.10., 16:30, Eiszeit 2
USA, 2008, 90 minutes, Jeffrey Schwartz, English original version

Anatomy Of An Icon
There have been dozens of gay porn stars, but only one Jack Wrangler. Bursting onto the scene in the early ’70s, he wasn’t the typical obscure object of desire but a full-bodied, self-confident stud. Buff, masculine and clearly comfortable in his own skin, Wrangler was more than just a hot guy to fantasize about – he was a role model. With a screen persona that blended virility with a sly eye for fun, Wrangler was the first out actor to show how a gay man could be strong, secure and lustful. In this entertaining oral history of the ground-breaking 70’s, the self-aware (and self-deprecating) Wrangler describes his journey from skinny Beverly Hills brat (his hard-to-please father was a production exec on “Bonanza”) to aspiring actor to a brand name with a product line. Fans from Chi Chi LaRue to Marc Shaiman to Bruce Vilanch drop by to recall the heady days of gay movie houses and to sing Jack’s praises. Rounding out the package are a wealth of clips of Wrangler strutting his stuff in vintage films. Proving that there are second – and third – acts in American life, Wrangler successfully made the jump to straight porn and, in recent years, established himself as a serious director of serious theatre. The most surprising turn in Wrangler’s iconoclastic life, however, was meeting and wooing songbird Margaret Whiting. Creative and vital, and as unconcerned as ever with the limits others would place on him, Jack Wrangler is still a role model.

H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation