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PRESS RELEASE – Sunday 26th of October: The successful 3rd Porn Filmfestival Berlin draws the closing curtains – The Award Winners

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3rd Porn Filmfestival Berlin 2008

22nd-26th of October 2008
in the movie theatres Moviemento, Eiszeit & Xenon

Sunday 26th of October: The successful 3rd Porn Filmfestival Berlin draws the closing curtains –
The Award Winners

After 5 days full of exciting, stimulating, erotic, surprising and innovative films from all over the world, the moment finally arrived, on the 26th of October 2008, that the festival would come to its end. A total of 2.800 viewers came to see the 105 feature and short films of the festival programme in the movie theatres Moviemento, Eiszeit and Xenon in Berlin. A total of 50 guests (directors, producers, actors) came to the screenings to introduce their films and answer questions about them, while more than 100 journalists and festival organizers traveled from all over the world to Berlin. The night bar, the place to go every night after the film programme was over and enjoy a mixture of musical and artistic performances, was happy to welcome another 2.000 guests.

The closing ceremony, combined with the award ceremony of the festival, took place on Sunday evening at the Moviemento cinema. The jury, consisting of the filmmakers Manon des Gryeux (Paris), Charles Lum (New York) and Susanne Sachsse (Berlin), gave away the award for the Short Film Competition, while Jürgen Brüning, the festival founder and curator himself, gave away the maleflixxx.tv Award to the best gay film of the festival.

The Winners of the 3rd Berlin Porn Film Festival 2008:
International Short Film Competition
Passion For Football (Passión por el Futbol)
Spain, 2006, 13 minutes, Rut Suso & Maria Pavón

Statement of the International Short Film Competition Jury:
Charles Lum, New York, Director
Manon des Gryeux, Paris, Director and Photographer
Susanne Sachsse, Berlin, Actress

“For its hot, taboo breaking GIRLS T-ROOM SEX, masterful sound design and music use, for natural but compelling performances that lead to a surprized and humorous ending which doesn’t ridicule football or its fans, the jury chooses Passion For Football as its choice for winner of the 2008 short film competition.”

maleflixxx.tv Award:
Switzerland, 2007, 63 minutes, Sylvie Cachin
The presence of the main protagonist of the film Claudette gave the festival a very rich flare, while the film itself, directed by Sylvie Cachin, illustrated the portrait of a tireless fighter for the sexual self-identity rights of every human being, beyond any gender categories and sexual orientation.

We would like to thank…
The festival team would like to thank all the guests and viewers, who made sure that the Berlin Porn Film Festival could be alive for the third year in a row in a friendly and inspiring as well as a creative and communicative atmosphere. Moreover, we would like to thank all of our sponsors, collaborators and media people, as well as the volunteers whose help was of great importance. Without their help, the festival could have not taken place.

A selection of press photos can be requested through office@pornfilmfestivalberlin.de

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Das Moviemento Kino mit Claudette, Thomas und Jürgen

Das Moviemento Kino mit Claudette, Thomas und Jürgen

Neben den Filmen gibt es im Wintergarten des Moviemento Kinos die Möglichkeit, an verschiedenen Ständen DVD’s, T-Shirts und Sex-Spielzeug zu kaufen:







Heute fand im vollkommen ausverkauften Moviemento Kino 1 der Internationale Kurzfilmwettbewerb statt unter den kritischen Augen unserer exklusiven Jury:

Charles Lum, New York, Regisseur/Director

Manon des Gryeux, Paris, Regisseurin & Photographin/Director & Photographer

Susanne Sachsse, Berlin, Schauspielerin/Actress

Susanne Sachsse, Manon des Gryeux und Charles Lum - die Jury

Susanne Sachsse, Manon des Gryeux und Charles Lum - die Jury

Fotos aus dem inneren Bereich der Kinos gibt es erst nach dem Festival, um Euch nicht die Spannung zu nehmen 😉

Bis morgen !

3. PornfilmfestivalBerlin Opening night

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Das PornfilmfestivalBerlin hat begonnen…..

Opening night im Moviemento Kino

PornfilmfestivalBerlin Plakat

PornfilmfestivalBerlin Plakat

Nicholas und Claus am Akkreditierungstisch

Plakat unserer Nachtbar

Plakat unserer Nachtbar

vor dem Sektempfang...

vor dem Sektempfang...



noch mehr Sektempfang...

noch mehr Sektempfang...



Sektempfang mit unglaublich hellem Barlicht....

Sektempfang mit unglaublich hellem Barlicht....

Das Festivalzentrum...

Das Festivalzentrum...

Zuschauerschlange vor dem Eröffnungsfilm

Zuschauerschlange vor dem Eröffnungsfilm

eine weitere Zuschauerschlange vor dem Eröffnungsfilm.....

eine weitere Zuschauerschlange vor dem Eröffnungsfilm.....

Wie es im Kino drinnen aussieht, müßt Ihr Euch selber anschauen….. 😉

Viel Spaß!

PornfilmfestivalBerlin Trailer on google-video…

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Locations (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)


Moviemento Kino – Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel. 030-6924785
U-Schönleinstrasse U8, U-Hermannplatz U7, U8, Bus Hermannplatz M41, M29

Eiszeit Kino – Zeughofstr. 20, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel. 030-6116016
U-Görlitzer Bahnhof U1, Bus Görlitzer Bahnhof M29

Xenon Kino – Kolonnenstrasse 5-6, 10827 Berlin-Schöneberg, Tel. 030-78001530
S-Julius-Leber-Brücke S1, Bus Kaiser-Wilhelm-Platz M48, M85, 104, 106, 187

Bars & Restaurants

Kulinarisches im Wintergarten / Moviemento
The café in the wintergarden opens 30 minutes before the first screening until midnight, Sunday breakfast buffet is served from 10.30-16 h for 7-9 Euro.
Kino Moviemento – address see above

Mädchen ohne Abitur – Körtestrasse 5, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-61625860
U Südstern U7, Bus Körtestrasse M41
Geöffnet 18 – 2 Uhr, Küche bis Mitternacht
(Filmmakers lunch Thur-Sun 13-15 h, for accredited festivals guests only)


Night Bar – TEK-MER Kreuzberg
Gida Merkezi (ehemaliger Supermarkt / former Supermarket)
Adalbertstrasse 9, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor U1, U8, Bus Oranienstrasse M29

Salons & Workshops

Filme & Toys. Verkaufs- & Infostand mit Sexpertin Laura Méritt.
Während des Festivals täglich 18 – 22 Uhr im Moviemento, Wintergarten, Sonntag zum Frühstück ab 11h.
Sexclusivitäten Salon
Laura Méritt, Fürbringerstr. 2, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-6936666
U Gneisenaustrasse U7, U Mehringdamm U7, U6, Bus Brachvogelstrasse M41
Celebrating the festival is a sexclusive PorYes-Salon with sexpert Laura Méritt and specially selected women’s porn films, from 12 – 20 h.

WirrWarr – Dieffenbachstrasse 36, 2.HH (im Urbanhof), 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U Schönleinstrasse U8
Di-So 16-24 Uhr


Apartments am Brandenburger Tor – Wilhelmstrasse 73, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Tel: 030-2007570
S-Unter den Linden S1, S2, S25, U-Mohrenstrasse U2


EXILE Galerie – Alexandrinenstrasse 4, HH Hof 01, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Hallesches Tor U1, U6, Bus-Hallesches Tor M41
Straight To Hell presents: In Cock We Trust
19.10. – 16.11.2008, Do-Sa 12 -18 Uhr
Al Baltrop: Pier Photographs 1975-1986
19.10.2008 – 4.2.2009, Do-Sa 12 -18 Uhr
Kuratiert von / Curated by Billy Miller, New York

Ficken 3000 – Urbanstrasse 70, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Tel: 030-69507335
U-Hermannplatz U7, U8, Bus-Hermannplatz M41, M29
24.10.2008, ab 22 Uhr


Films & Lectures 7 Euro
Workshops 15/25 Euro (registration necessary)
Tickets can be bought at the cinema box office.

Die Veranstalter behalten sich kurzfristige Programmänderungen vor. Die Filme laufen überwiegend in der Originalsprache bzw. mit englischen Untertiteln. Alle Veranstaltungen und Kinovorführungen sind nur für Zuschauer ab 18 Jahren zugängig.

Myspace and Facebook

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Visit our nightbar on Myspace!

If you have a Profile on Facebook, you will find the PornfilmfestivalBerlin group here:


The official website of the PornfilmfestivalBerlin:


short films A-Z

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Short Films A-Z (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)


H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation

Alex And Her Arse Truck H NX
23.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, Short Film Programme “It’s A Girl-Guy Thing”
24.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, with “La nudité toute nue”
Great Britain, 2007, 16 minutes, Sean Conway, English original version

Alex And Her Arse Truck

Alex ist jung, blond und sexy und verkauft ihre Höschen übers Netz. Ihr Freund Baby Shoes erregt sich an seiner Eifersucht, denn Alex ist außerdem noch nymphomanisch veranlagt.

“Alex And Her Arse Truck” is a story about a scooter riding zelophile called Baby Shoes, his dogfart nymphomaniac girlfriend Alex, her black lover Nylon, a mentalist called Poubelles and a pair of drug dealing lesbians called Manina and Javotte.

An der Grenze des Fruchtlandes H X
23.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, Short Film Programme “It’s A Girl-Guy Thing”
Germany, 2008, 28 minutes, Benjamin von Bebber & Bastian Zimmermann, German original version
An der Granze des Fruchtlandes
Es ist ganz und gar unwahrscheinlich, dass zwei Menschen sich nahe kommen. Welches Medium macht Nähe oder Verschmelzung möglich? Der Körper selbst? Was wird durch Video möglich? Ist tatsächliche Nähe vielleicht erst im virtuellen Raum zu erreichen?

Die Kamera folgt der Protagonistin auf der Suche nach Antworten, ihrem Weg durch die eigenen Ängste und eine Gesellschaft, die Distanz, Resignation und Langeweile zu ihren Prinzipien erklärt hat. Der Wunsch nach absoluter Nähe, dessen Erfüllung der Protagonistin in der Realität verwehrt bleibt, scheint schließlich im Geschlechtsakt im virtuellen Raum sich einzulösen.

Was aber passiert, wenn die eigene Grenze sich auflöst? Kann das Ich in der Verschmelzung mit dem Anderen vor dem Anderen bestehen?

The camera follows the female protagonist on her quest for absolute closeness which she seems to find only in the sexual act in a virtual space. But what happens, when our own boundaries dissolve?

Antje und wir L H NX
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
Antje und wir
Germany, 2007, 12 minutes, Felix Stienz, German original version
“Boah. Sie sah bombig aus, also sah total gut aus. Da hab ich sie das erste Mal gesehen und ich dachte, eigentlich wie im Film.” Acht junge Menschen erzählen aus ihrem Leben und von der geheimnisvollen Antje, die in allen Erzählungen eine besondere Rolle spielt.

Eight young people tell about their life changing experiences with the mysterious Antje.

The Apple L X F
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1, “International Short Film Competition”
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
France, 2008, 6 minutes, Émilie Jouvet, no dialogue
The Apple
Eva wacht im Paradies auf, findet einen Apfel… und begeht eine köstliche Sünde.

Eve wakes up in Paradise, finds an apple… and commits a delicious sin.

In this short porn video, Émilie Jouvet has managed to recreate the atmosphere of pin-up movies, but her Bettie Page is not only a blonde, she also re-invents mythology. On a gorgeous soundtrack, mixing sexy glimpses in black & white and flashy reds with fast editing and slow motions, Émilie has managed to create a style that mixes the genres of porn, burlesque and fetish.

Artcore H X F
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
Great Britain, 2008, 7 minutes, Petra Joy, no dialogue
Was ist Porno und was ist Kunst? In “Artcore” zeigt Petra Joy, dass Kunst und Porno keine Gegensätze sein müssen, sondern sich zu einer inspirierenden Mischung vereinigen können. Die Zuschauer sind eingeladen, sich auf eine Reise ins Land der erotischen Fantasien zu begeben: Sich verkleiden oder ganz nackt sein, streicheln oder schlagen, sinnlichen Sex zu zweit oder zu mehreren zu haben – was ist Deine Fantasie? “Artcore” möchte inspirieren, die eigenen erotischen Fantasien zu entdecken und irgendwann in orgasmische Realität zu verwandeln.

What is porn? What is art? In “Artcore” Petra Joy shows that both genres don’t have to be separate but can be joined to create an exciting synergy. The body becomes a canvas for erotic messages. The audience is titillated to go onto a journey into the realms of fantasies: Dress up or undress, caress or spank, a sensual twosome or a full on moresome – What is your fantasy? “Artcore” wants to inspire you to unveil your own erotic fantasies and hopefully one day make them an orgasmic reality.

Beautiful Agony NX F
23.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, with “In Search Of The Wild Kingdom”
23.10., 18:30, Eiszeit 2, with lecture “The Privacy Of Porn”
26.10., 22:00, Xenon, with “In Search Of The Wild Kingdom”
Australia, 2008, 10 minutes, beautifulagony.com, English original version
Beautiful Agony
www.beautifulagony.com ist ein Internetprojekt, das die Schönheit des menschlichen Gesichts im Moment des Orgasmus widerspiegelt. Die Protagonistinnen filmen sich selbst und präsentieren ihre Sexualität auf ihre eigene Art.
www.beautifulagony.com is a web-based project which reflects the eroticism of the human face at the moment of orgasm. Its gallery of D.I.Y. films is constantly growing and allows everyday people to capture their sexualities on tape however they see fit – as long as it’s from the shoulders up. “Beautiful Agony” documents three Agonees and their trip up the hill to experiment with sensuality both within and outside of the frame.

The Best Is Yet To Cum NX F
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
Italy, 2007, 4 minutes, Claudia Pajewski, no dialogue

The Best Is Yet To CumBasierend auf Photographien bei Veranstaltungen des queeren Phag Off Projektes in Rom nimmt uns die Regisseurin mit, um die traditionellen Grenzen zwischen Homo- und Heterosexualität zu dekonstruieren.

“The Best Is Yet To Cum” is the result of two years of photographic incursions into “Phag Off”, a project started in Rome on 2003 which promotes queer culture through parties, concerts, art and events. The video allows the viewer to become more than an observer: Imagine someone taking your hand and pushing you into a smoky freaky room to deconstruct the traditional division between homo and heterosexual, woman and man, observer and performer. Take part in a world that desires to express itself in unlimited ways of being…

Blanc X L NX F
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
France, 2001, 4 minutes, Émilie Jouvet, no dialogue

Blanc XEin Mädchen putzt sich die Zähne mit einer ganz speziellen Bürste. Weiße Zähne und garantierte Wirksamkeit. Zur täglichen Anwendung des Sexspielzeugs… und für ein strahlendes Lächeln! Eine Performance, die eine alltägliche Geste verfremdet und die dabei die Gesetze der Mainstream-Pornographie hinterfragt…

A girl brushes her teeth with a very special brush. Daily use of your sextoy recommended – for a perfect smile! The transformation of the daily routine looks behind the codes of mainstream porn…

The Blindness Of The Woods H A X
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1, “International Short Film Competition”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
USA / Peru / Argentina, 2008, 12 minutes, Amautalab, Martin Jalfen & Javier Lourenço, Swedish original version with English subtitles

The Blindness Of The WoodsEin animiertes Märchen im Stile der skandinavischen Pornos der Siebziger: die blinde Ulrika lebt alleine im Wald, bis sie den Holzfäller Hans und den Bär Björn trifft.

“The Blindness of the Woods” develops a narrative that combines the naive simplicity of fairy tales with the Nordic erotic movies from the 70’s. These two genders are supposed never to meet, bringing about mixed feelings in the audience who are uncertain about feeling moved as they watch the cute woollen characters or getting sexually aroused as they see them having sex. Ulrika, a blind woman who lives isolated in a cabin in the cold woods of Sweden, suffers from the freezing winter loneliness. One day, Hans, a curt lumberjack, comes across her offering not only his logs to warm up but also his love. A love and sex story unfolds between the blind woman and the lumberjack which is being witnessed by the voyeuristic character Bear Bjorn. Her love fulfilment is overshadowed by Hans’ betrayal who takes advantage of her condition, stealing her belongings. This scenario pushes Bear Bjorn to act on Ulrika’s behalf doing justice to her in his own hands as he gets rid of the lumberjack, eventually wrapping up the love circle.

Bramadero S X
24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
25.10., 16:30, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
Mexico, 2007, 21 minutes, Julián Hernández, no dialogue

BramaderoHassen und Jonás treffen in einem Hochhausrohbau aufeinander. Sexuelle Lust und wilde Begierde verschmelzen die beiden Körper, die nur im Tod getrennt werden können.

Hassen and Jonás meet in a small place in the outskirts of Mexico City. Away from it all, they have found a spot where they can seduce one another and merge into one; where sex becomes desire, and desire becomes love. Only death will separate them. El Bramadero could be a particular place, or no place in particular, but you’ll always leave as naked and alone as you came in.

Clean Hands Dirty PhotographyClean Hands Dirty Photography H NX

23.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, Short Film Programme “It’s A Girl-Guy Thing”

USA, 2008, 1 minutes, Eon McKai, no dialogue

Ein Portrait des Photographen Dave Naz.

Eon McKai portraits Los Angeles photographer Dave Naz.

Cupcake T NX
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
USA, 2008, 3 minutes, Em Sixteen & Malay Savage, englische original version

CupcakeDie sexy Mama backt für ihre Lieben, und die Freunde ihrer Söhne können einfach nicht genug kriegen von ihren Zuckerkünsten.

Set in the late 70’s, “Cupcake” follows one sexy housewife as she bakes luscious chocolate cupcakes for her family. To her surprise, her son’s friends stop by after soccer practice. These young men all have a weak spot for home-baked loving and Mom is prepared to take on their hunger. “Cupcake” includes LGBTQ actors and incorporates wallpaper installation and costumes by artist Emily North.

Dacia’s Love Machine NX D F
25.10., 18:30, Eiszeit 2, with lecture “Making Sex Media For A Radical Future”
USA, 2008, 25 minutes, Rob Daly & Audacia Ray, English original version
Audacia Ray
Working in the adult industry has its perks, but the glory of free porn and sex toys wears off quicker than you’d think. When writer, porn director, and sex toy reviewer Audacia Ray receives a Love Machine for review, she realizes that her New York apartment just isn’t big enough for the both of them. Like many New Yorkers before her, Dacia turns to Craigslist to shed her unwanted miscellaneous objects. After deleting some emails with creepy propositions, Dacia welcomes potential love machine adopters into her Brooklyn apartment.

Die Faggot Die! L S X

Die Faggot Die!24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
25.10., 16:30, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
USA, 2007, 11 minutes, Shawn Durr, English original version

Zwei Lesben tragen den Kampf der Geschlechter gegen eine Tunte aus – bis aufs Blut!

The battle of the sexes is back, this time with a duo of lethal lesbian lovers and a panty-wearing fag. A queer gorror show with deep penetration, cutting humor and a taste for blood. Starring Philly, M.M Serra and Todd Verow.

Dirty Words: The Letter C H NX
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
USA, 2008, 3,5 minutes, T. Arthur Cottam, English original version
The Letter C

Das Alphabet der schmutzigen Begriffe – heute erklären wir den Buchstaben C.

The alphabet of dirty words. Today’s lecture looks at the letter C.

23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
USA, 2007, 10 minutes, Charles Lum, English original version

F/FEin simultaner Besuch auf zwei typisch amerikanischen Herbstfesten: der Fryeburg Fair in Neuengland und der Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

“F/F” is a simultaneous musical journey through two uniquely American Autumn Festivals, the Fryeburg Fair in New England and San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair. The topographically, culturally and musically diverse celebrations are brought together in one frame as both counterpoint and mirror image, exposing the camera and viewer as observant voyeurs. The dual structure proposes a cultural comparison. Music, cameras and festivalgoers dance across the vast political and geographical landscape of America.

The Fall Of Communism As Seen In Gay Pornography
25.10., 20:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Tearoom”
USA, 1998, 19 minutes, William E. Jones, English original version

The Fall Of Communism As Seen In Gay PornographyEin Found-Footage-Werk, das mit schwulen, pornografischen Videos aus Osteuropa arbeitet, die seit dem Ende des Kommunismus gedreht wurden. Die Ausbeutung der jungen Männer und die neue Welt, in der Geld, Macht und Sex zusammengehören, werden deutlich.
Every image in “The Fall Of Communism As Seen In Gay Pornography” comes from gay erotic videos produced in Eastern Europe since the introduction of capitalism. The video provides a glimpse of young men responding to the pressures of an unfamiliar world, one in which money, power and sex are now connected. Handsome, hungry and defiant, these youths are caught up in a brutal system that sees them as nothing more than cheap labour. This video is not about “naughty” transgression or titillation, but about the real pornography of human exploitation.

Filthy L X F
24.10., 22:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Edward Penishands”
Brasilia, 2008, 17 minutes, Queer Fiction, Brasilian original version with English subtitles
Zwei Mädchen entdecken gemeinsam die “Fleischeslust”.

The film shows the relationship among two girls that together discover the pleasures of the “flesh”. “Filthy” is a dirty parody about innocence and the discovery of violence.

Fucking Bitch Fucking Slut S X
24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
25.10., 16:30, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
Germany, 2008, 7 minutes, ReveRso, no dialogue
Fucking Bitch Fucking Slut
Ein Musikclip, in dem sich eine Drag Queen sehr eingehend mit jungen Männern und deren Leibesmitte beschäftigt.

As this Warholian he / she chomps through numbers of headless men, “Fucking Bitch Fucking Slut” rides the line between willing slave and court jester. Sucking and fucking to Dee Mee Tree’s hot electro beatboxing track, his rhythm hypnotically seduces the erotic adventure… leaving you breathless and panting.

The HIV Collection
24.10., 22:30, Moviemento 3
USA, 2003-2005, 50 minutes, Charles Lum, English original version

Sechs Kurzfilme von Charles Lum, die sein Leben und seine Gefühle als HIV+ Mann zum Thema haben.

During the years 2003-2006, director Charles Lum created six films documenting his life and feelings as HIV+ man. Six movies that give a brave and unusual portrait of a man dealing with fears, passions, and the desire to love:

Morning, Noon and Night
USA, 2003, 10 minutes
Morning, Noon and Night
A montage of the director documenting his body, the pills, a visit to a Glory Hole, with frames from the “The Hours”.

USA, 2004, 7 minutes
Charles documents himself in a fling at a public park, using a hidden camera.

Facts. SUCK
USA, 2004, 12 minutes
Facts. SUCK
An emotional and physical exposure by the artist. Charlie goes to a blood test, for a chat with the doctor, to a pharmacy, undresses in front of the camera and reveals his longing to be desired.

USA, 2003, 8 minutes
Blood is paralleled to semen in a hair-raising montage of shots taken out of the film “Carrie” (by Brian de Palma) and from gay bareback porn movies.

Overdue Conversation
USA, 2006, 9 minutes
Overdue Conversation
Charlie talks to a friend about their common state as HIV+: should they tell people they have sex with about their condition?

Black adj, n
USA, 2004, 3,5 minutes
Black adj, n
Behind the scenes of the famous Black Party, in one of the inner rooms where a conversation with a clubber takes place about his sexual experiences during the event.

Hulahoop Soundings H NX
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
Indonesia, 2008, 7 minutes, Edwin, original version with English subtitles

Hulahoop SoundingsEin erotisches Remake des Abschlussfilms von Joel Coen “Soundings” als Dreiergeschichte mit Telefonsex und einem Hulahoop-Reifen.

Lana is a phone sex operator. She swings on a hulahoop when taking calls, to make the gasping noises her clients love. Nico doesn’t know what Lana does, all he knows is he is madly in love with her. Heidy is Nico’s jealous lover. She is certain Lana has put a spell on him.

Director’s Statement: Reading the synopsis of “Soundings” inspires me. It’s Joel Coen’s NYU’s thesis short film and I have not seen this short before. I have already seen 9 of the Coen Brothers’ films, and I feel that in this short film called “Soundings”, you could read their unique oeuvre. I decide to rewrite and remake this short film, “a woman engaged in sex with her deaf boyfriend while verbally fantasizing about having sex with her boyfriend’s best friend, who is listening in the next room.”

In Black Velvet S X
24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
25.10., 16:30, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
France, 2008, 7 minutes, Ivan Daniloff, no dialogue

In Black Velvet“In Black Velvet” definiert Porno als Kunst. Auf den bedingungslos pornographischen Charakter des Films zielend, finden sich hier weder Geschichte oder Dialog noch Schauplatz oder Philosophie. Die explizite sexuelle Darbietung wird reduziert auf zwei männliche Körper in samten-schwarzer Leere, die sich dem sexuellen Akt mit sich steigernder Dynamik hingeben. Sie sind dem vollen Licht ausgesetzt und umgeben von 5 Kameras, die sie von allen Seiten einfangen. Der vorliegende Film ist überraschenderweise ästhetisch und dennoch extrem erregend zugleich.

“In Black Velvet” defines Porn as Art. Aiming to create a video of absolute pornographic character, there is no story, dialogue, location or philosophy. The explicit sexual performance of the actors is minimised to two male bodies having sex directly with growing dynamism in a black velvety emptiness. They are surrounded by 5 cameras which zoom in from all angles in bright light. As a surprise the result is extremely exciting and aesthetic.

Je dis non Ali H NX
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
USA, 2008, 8 minutes, Jim Eshom, original version
Je dis non Ali
Eine junge Frau kämpft um sexuelle Freiheit in dieser dunklen Komödie, die von der europäischen Nouvelle Vague der 60er inspiriert ist.

A young woman struggles for sexual freedom in this dark comedy inspired by the European New Wave of the 1960s.

Lezzieflick L X F
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1 “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1 “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
Austria, 2008, 7 minutes, Nana Swiczinsky, no dialogue

Lezzieflick“Lezzieflick” ist ein dekonstruktiver Remix vorhandener Heteropornos mit pseudolesbischer Handlung. Die sexuellen Handlungen sind klar erkennbar. Die Körperformen jedoch verfließen und wandeln sich ständig. Durch den Gebrauch von Morph-Software wird das grobe Raster der Print-Bilder moiréartig verzerrt, einige Pixel werden zu sperrigen Flächen aufgeblasen, andere zu nadelartigen Linien gequetscht. Das grobe Raster entspricht dem Informationswert des Mainstream-Hetero-Bildmaterials. Geringe Bildauflösung steht hier für geringen Informationswert.

A deconstructive remix of pseudo-lesbian storylines within hetero porn. The low resolution of the morphed pictures reflects the low information value of the original mainstream footage.

M2M Eyeball S NX
26.10., 22:15 Uhr, Moviemento 2, with “Dankon – The Man”
Philippinen, 2008, 45 minutes, Crisaldo Pablo, Tagalog original version with English subtitles

M2M EyeballEine Kollektion kurzer, schwuler Momente zwischen philippinischen Männern – vom Cruising bis zum Internetsex.
“M2M Eyeball” is a collection of vignettes of psycho-sexual encounters by Pinoy males who go for same sex cruising or meet-up through the internet. One is mischievously making his own video scandals and posting them on the internet while another takes pleasure in collecting them. A Bi-couple attempts a tryst and another falls for a trick. This is not a movie but just a collection of short vignettes of male-to-male sexual encounters.

Neo-Fetish Posture H NX FT F
24.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2, Short Film Programme “Power Plays”
France, 2008, 10 minutes, Manon des Gryeux, French original version with English subtitles
Neo-Fetish Posture
Eine Photographin sucht nach ihrer eigenen Realität und verändert ihre Umwelt mit ihren Phantasien.

A photographer who has an original way to explore reality, reinvents the world by changing it to her own fantasies.

Passion For Football (Passión por el Futbol) L NX F
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1 “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1 “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
Spain, 2006, 13 minutes, Rut Suso & María Pavón, no dialogue
Passion For Football
Heterosexuelle Männer, die sich zuviel mit Fußball beschäftigen, können schon mal ihre Freundin an andere Frauen verlieren…

In a heterosexual relationship, the man can lose himself in football, but his girlfriend can lose herself with another girl she meets in a park…

Pathways H X F
23.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, Short Film Programme “It’s A Girl-Guy Thing”
26.10., 20:30, Moviemento 3, with “Japan Japan”
Israel, 2007, 21 minutes, Hagar Ben Asher, Hebrew original version with English subtitles

PathwaysWie weit kann eine Frau auf ihrer Suche nach sexueller Selbstbestätigung gehen, bevor sie die Konsequenzen zu spüren bekommt?

In a strong and naked realistic approach, Hagar Ben-Asher explores the boundaries of how far a woman can go in her path to self-confirmation before she gets penalized for it. A reminder of how forbidden and threatening female sexuality still is. In an impressive performance director / actor Hagar Ben-Asher captures this woman’s journey.

Philly Dominates Vegetables NX FT
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
24.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2, Short Film Programme “Power Plays”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
USA, 2008, 3,5 minutes, Ned Ambler, English original version
Philly Dominates Vegetables
Junges Gemüse unterwirft sich der Domina Philly bereitwillig.

Vegetables at the supermarket become so besotted by the dominatrix, Philly, that they willingly become her sex slaves, begging to be chastized and abused.

Placeres H X F
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
Spain, 2007/2008, 11 minutes, Sico, no dialogue
Sex und Essen gehören zu den großen Freuden des Lebens. Salma entdeckt die Gemeinsamkeit zwischen beiden.

Sex and food are the big pleasures in this world. Salma discovers all by herself the similarity between these two pleasures.

RAN-Easter H NX
24.10., 22:15, Moviemento 2, with “Uncle’s Paradise”
Japan, 1981, 16 minutes, KAWARAGI Hironao, without dialogue

RAN-EasterDer einzige fertiggestellte Film des Medizinstudenten und Underground-Filmers Kawaragi. Faszinierende Bilder, die seinen eigenen Mutterkomplex mit Punk und New Wave Musik der 80er Jahre und Anspielungen auf die japanische Tanz- und Theatertradition illustrieren.
In the late 70’s, under the influence of the punk and post punk movement, Japanese young filmmakers started to make their own films on Super 8, among them ISHII Sogo, YAMAMOTO Masashi and TSUKAMOTO Shinya. They made new generation films in an original DIY style. Inspired by this new independent film movement, the medical student KAWARAGI Hironao made his first film “RAN-Easter”. It combined punk and new wave music with Japanese primitive images and Japanese art performance (Japanese Butoh dance and Noh theatre), and he depicted his trauma as an immoral fantasy, based on his own mother complex. In the film, a mother-fucker fucked his mother and killed her, then he cut off her genitals and masturbated with them. He called the film a “visual scandal” but when famous director OSHIMA Nagisa saw it as a judge at an independent film competition, he called it an “inexcusable film!”. After this film, Kawaragi started to make the blockbuster Super 8 cyberpunk / SF movie “Crazy Dolls”, but the film fell by the wayside. Kawaragi quit film making after the defeat and became a doctor. He died in 2000 from leukaemia. “RAN-Easter” is the only completed film that he left.

The Rape H X FT F
24.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2, Short Film Programme “Power Plays”
Germany, 2007, 36 minutes, Dominique, German original version
The Rape
Gefangen in einem düsteren Keller, Schritte klingen aus dem Schwarz der Dunkelheit, Türen werden verschlossen… das blonde, weibliche Opfer hängt wehrlos und ausgeliefert in Ketten von der Decke. Ihr Peiniger hat sich ein grausames Spiel für sie erdacht, er quält sie mit Schlägen und einem Messer. Er ist bereit bis zum Äußersten zu gehen. Wie aus dem Nichts erscheint ein Schatten und plötzlich ist alles anders, als man denkt.

A young blond woman is in bondage, her aggressor tortures her with lashings. When a shadow appears out of the dark, nothing remains certain.

Schwarzwald S T X
23.10., 23:30, Night Bar
USA, 2007, 40 minutes, Richard Kimmel, English original version
Ein pornographischer Tanzfilm mit dem weltberühmten transsexuellen Pornostar Buck Angel. Gefilmt während der schwulen New Yorker Black Party, mit über 5,000 Ledermännern in Aktion – deutscher Expressionismus trifft Disney zu Technoklängen.

Starring Buck Angel, the world famous female-to-male transsexual porn star, and featuring a cast of performance artists, nightclub personalities, exhibitionists, fetishists and over 5,000 leather clad dancers, the movie captures – for the first time on film – the transformative powers of all male gay dance rituals as exemplified by New York City’s 28 year old Black Party. Stylistically, it combines elements of Grimm’s fairy tales as interpreted by Disney, German Expressionist silent films, the modern documentary, and “arty” porn filtered through heavy use of Jungian allegorical archetypes. The film is scored to a continuous dance mix and intended to take audiences on a phantasmagorical trip. It’s a new step in a long tradition of underground queer cinema as a leader in the evolution of the cinematic art form.

Serving Madame Gina L T NX D FT F
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
24.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2, Short Film Programme “Power Plays”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
USA, 2008, 26 minutes, Gabriele Hoff, English original version

Serving Madame GinaGina und Mercedes sind Teil der Lederlesbenszene von San Francisco. Sie leben ihre Beziehung als Herrin und Sklavin – auch im Alltag. Ein spannender Einblick in ihr Leben und ihre Phantasien.

“Experience of the San Francisco lesbian leather subculture” Working with Gina and Mercedes during the production period was an amazing experience. They allowed us to enter their world of powerplay, of the San Francisco lesbian leather subculture, of their leather family, to an extent that had a mind-opening effect on all people involved in the project.

Sex Brain Melody (Episode 2): On The Japanese Doll Complex H NX D FT F
24.10., 16:30, Eiszeit 2, with “Tears Of Ecstasy”
Hongkong, 2008, 18 minutes, Katrien Jacobs, original version with English subtitles

Sex Brain Melody (Episode 2)Japanische Mangas, ihre Ästhetik und Erotik haben weltweit eine Subkultur hervorgebracht, unter anderem auch in Hongkong, wo die Eigentümer aufwändiger Sexpuppen Rollenspiele und Photosessions organisieren.
“The Japanese Doll Complex” explores the influence of Japanese manga on the Hong Kong sex scene. The director documents the recent emergence of extremely beautiful ornate dolls that play host to their owner’s emotional and sexual desires, which has spawned a sub-culture of erotic doll photography and costume play.

Sex By Nationality S X
26.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, with “Solos”
Singapur, 2008, 10 minutes, X’Ho, English original version

Sex By NationalityEine kritische Auseinandersetzung des Regisseurs mit seiner Heimat Singapur, das nach außen als liberal und tolerant auch gegen Homosexuelle gelten will und das im Kern doch repressiv, zensurorientiert und obrigkeitsgeleitet ist.

“Sex By Nationality”, by the Singaporean Ho, is “dedicated to repression in Singapore”, a country that (he believes) wants to have its cake and eat it too by appearing fairly liberal and open to the world. In keeping with that win-win national character, the film’s homage is to ‘compensate’ for the repression with “an unexpurgated tale of homosexual desire”. If anything, it is to show what Singapore would want the world to know – that she has gay-tolerance neatly circumscribed in her progress agenda. However, notwithstanding the contorted rationale there, X’ Ho isn’t about to test that open-ness by submitting his homage for censorship approval back home.

She Was Asking For It H X FT
24.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2, Short Film Programme “Power Plays”
Canada, 2007, 12 minutes, Matthew Saliba, no dialogue
She Was Asking For It
Ein junger Mann wird von zwei Frauen so lange gequält, erniedrigt und vergewaltigt, bis er die Gelegenheit zur Rache erhält.

Dario Argento meets Maria Beatty in this sado-erotic giallo about a young man who is tortured, humiliated and raped by two women and then proceeds to inflict the kind of vengeance that gives new meaning to the term “torture-porn”.

Soulmate H NX
23.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, Short Film Programme “It’s A Girl-Guy Thing”
USA, 2000, 14 minutes, Chel White, English original version
Eine komplexe Studie über Entfremdung und sexuelle Begierde, erzählt aus der Sicht einer älteren Vermieterin und ihres jungen Mieters.

Eerie, erotic, and touching, “Soulmate” is a complex study of alienation and sexual obsession. Told from the point-of-view of a 55-year old woman, it explores longing and objectification through the unconventional story of a landlady and her younger male tenant. A creepily evocative film about voyeurism in this-old-boarding-house whose proprietor gets ideas after one rummage too many through her tenant’s stuff. The story sneaks up on you like a slow-building shiver.

Teat Beat Of Sex H X A F
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
23.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, Short Film Programme “It’s A Girl-Guy Thing”
(only “Kirby”)
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
USA / Italy, 2007, 12 minutes, Signe Baumane, English original version

Teat Beat Of SexSechs sehr persönliche, animierte Sexualkundestunden, erzählt aus der Sicht einer Frau mit viel Erfahrung.

“Teat Beat Of Sex” is a series of sex lessons given by a knowing lady.

Director’s Statement: There is an assumption that women are less interested in sex than men. How is that possible? In one sexual encounter we, women, are able to have several orgasms while a man can have only one or, if he pushes it, two ejaculations. Let’s talk about it!

There is another mistaken assumption out there that women are too shy to talk about sex, or they have nothing exciting to say about the topic. Even “Sex and the City” was written by men. So wrong! Women are as sex obsessed and opinionated as men, so let’s hear what we have to spill!

And, then of course, there is this neat little shelve labeled “Opinions of Minorities” that a lot of women’s views end up on. How could we be minority if men die at a faster rate than women and we actually are a majority of the humanhood!
In any case, I would like to assure you, am a passionate opinionated heterosexual female and I love men just like I love my clitoris and I want to talk about it all – men, dicks, clitoris, pussy juice, masturbation and other no less fascinating things.

I would like to be heard and respected – because if men would listen carefully what women have to say about sex, maybe we end up living without a war, just like bonobos…

The Tour de Pants T X
25.10., 16:00, Moviemento 1, with “Trannymal” & “Trans Entities: The Nasty Love Of Papi’ And Wil”
USA, 2008, 38 minutes, Luke Woodward, English original version
The Tour de Pants
Im weltweit ersten Tour de Pants-Fahrradrennen um das Goldene Höschen wird nicht nur auf Asphalt gestrampelt…

At the first-ever Tour de Pants bicycle race, dirty racers pound much more than concrete as they compete for the grand prize, the Golden Panties. Featuring an all-queer & trans, all-star cast.

Toybox S A
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
25.10., 16:30, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
Canada, 2007, 10 minutes, Wrik Mead, original version
Ein Einblick in die Abgründe dessen, was Männern so alles mit ihrem Penis anstellen – präsentiert als Sammlung von kurzen Animationen.

“Toybox” combines creepiness and playfulness in a series of animations that manipulate the most misused toy of all – the penis. Stripped of eros and emotion, the scenarios of sex-gone-mad play with the absurd qualities of an appendage and a desire that has a mind of its own, and a drive so strong that it leads to self-destruction. Wrik Mead’s animated film is drawn from the seedy and sometimes sad world of men’s sexual play.

Trannymal T X A
23.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
25.10., 16:00, Moviemento 1, with “The Tour de Pants” & “Trans Entities: The Nasty Love Of Papi’ And Wil”
26.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2, Short Film Programme “Fun Porn”
USA, 2006, 2 minutes, Dylan Vade & Chrys Curtis-Fawley, English original version
Wollten Sie immer schon mal wissen, wie transsexuelle Genitalien wohl aussehen, aber Sie haben sich nicht getraut, zu fragen? In diesem Film beantwortet Trannymal alle ihre Fragen.

Have you ever wanted to see transgender genitals, but been afraid to ask? Meet Trannymal, a transgender genital with attitude. Yes, you get to look at him – but he looks back! Trannymal is a friendly, whimsical creature made up of two googley eyes and one transgender genital. Trannymal sets out to make the world safer and happier for transgender people.

Trans Entities: The Nasty Love Of Papi’ And Wil L T X D
25.10., 16:00, Moviemento 1, with “The Tour de Pants” & “Trannymal”
USA, 2007, 55 minutes, Morty Diamond, English original version

The Nasty Love Of Papi' And WilEin einfühlsames und erotisches Portrait des transidentischen Paares Papi’ und Wil, die das Publikum in ihre offene, polyamouröse Beziehung einladen. BDSM, Rollenspiele und Sex zu Dritt sind nur einige der Themen des Films.

“Trans Entities: The Nasty Love of Papi’ and Wil” is a unique, sexy, thought provoking and above all touching portrait of a real transgender couple, Papi’ and Wil, who open themselves up to the camera like you have never seen before. They are a perverted, loving, polyamorous couple who identify as Trans Entities, a word they have coined to describe their gender identity.

Armed with my video camera I set out to capture this couple in a multifaceted way, from revealingly personal interviews to fun nights out on the town. The three sex scenes in the movie, including one with a third partner, were shot completely undirected, allowing the viewer an engagingly raw look into their uninhibited exploration of role-playing, BDSM and lots of hot sex.

I call this film a “docu-porn” since this movie captures a real couple discussing their sex, sexuality and gender identity while also having hot, sensual sex as the camera rolls. One of the key themes touched upon in this film is polyamory. Papi’ and Wil discuss the pleasures and perils of having a polyamorous relationship and show us by engaging in a scene with a third partner, Chris, who they both date in real life. This is one of the first transgender erotic movies to discuss and demonstrate role play as a rich and meaningful part of a couple’s sex life. Papi’ and Wil show us everything from the negotiation of a role play scene, to the scene itself and the after care when the scene is over.

Vampyros Lesbos H X
26.10., 16:15, Moviemento 2, with “Durch die Nacht mit … Pierre Woodman & Brian Yuzna”
Canada 2008, 20 minutes, Matthew Saliba, no dialogue
Vampyros Lesbos
In hochstilisierten Bildern erweist Matthew Saliba Jess Francos Klassiker von 1971 seine Referenz. Dabei gelingt ihm das Kunststück, seine Geschichte völlig ohne Dialoge und ausschließlich anhand von unbewegten Einzelbildern zu erzählen. Erotisch, künstlerisch wertvoll – und blutrot… Der Film wird im Vorprogramm zu “Durch die Nacht mit … Pierre Woodman & Brian Yuzna” gezeigt.
Linda is a bored and lonely housewife whose excursion into a world of sexual liberation with her lover Countess Nadine is tragically cut short when her cuckolded husband Omar brutally murders Nadine and then proceeds to give Linda what she really needs… a good “deep-dicking!”

Vicious L NX FT F
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, “Lesbian Short Film Programme”
France, 2008, 5 minutes, Émilie Jouvet, English original version
Eine gefesselte, tätowierte, rothaarige Frau versucht zu singen, während die Finger der Regisseurin mit ihrem Mund spielen.

A sexy, tattooed and red haired girl is in bondage. She tries to continue singing while director Émilie Jouvet’s fingers are playing with her gorgeous mouth…

Vidéo Montevidéo
26.10., 18:30, Moviemento 3, with radio drama “Fetischaudio”
France, 2008, 5 minutes, Patrick Volve, original version with English subtitles

Am Rande von Montevideo, direkt am Meer, liegt der “Luxuria Parking Lot”. Des Tages ein normaler Parkplatz, finden sich hier des Nachts unzählige Paare zusammen… Ein Blick in die Tiefe, oder doch ein bloßes Gleiten über die Oberfläche? Das kurze, experimentelle Video von Patrick Volve überlässt die Antwort dem Zuschauer.

In Uruguay, on the outskirts of Montevideo and facing the sea, there is a place that some call the Luxuria parking lot. It’s an ordinary parking lot during the day, but at night plenty of cars come to park there. They are mostly young couples, in any case lovers, who come with their cars to make love in the parking lot and then leave. Experimental super 8 images and some scenes of historical Montevideo lend support to Patrick Volve’s comments on the sexual habits of certain citizens of Uruguay…

Want L X D F
24.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, “Lesbian Short film programme”
26.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Die Heide ruft…”
26.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, “Lesbian Short film programme”
Canada, 2006, 9 minutes, Loree Erickson, English original version
Ein komplexer, ehrlicher und sexy Film, der ein queeres Bild von “Behinderung” bietet.
“Want” weaves together sexually explicit images with everyday moments and scenes of the ableist world. It works to get people hot and poses an insightful, complex, honest, and sexy queer image of disability.

The Window S X
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2 “Gay Short Film Programme”
25.10., 16:30, Moviemento 2 “Gay Short Film Programme”
USA, 2008, 5 minutes, Philippe Gosselin & Ronald Regina, no dialogue
The Window
Eine kurze Komödie über die tiefe Befreiung – und Lust! – die sich breit macht, wenn man seine Hemmungen hinter sich lässt.

“The Window” is a short comedy about the profound liberation – and pleasure! – that comes from letting go of inhibitions, embracing all of who you are and revealing your soul and yourself to the world.

Wings Of Love S X
24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
25.10., 16:30, Moviemento 2, “Gay Short Film Programme”
France, 2008, 4 minutes, Luc Notsnad & Bud Spencer, no dialogue
Wings Of Love
Ein junger Mann und eine Fliege teilen sich das Badezimmer.

A Cheesy / Romantic / Snuff / Zoophile / Porn / Movie.

Writers & Rockstars H X F
23.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1 “International Short Film Competition”
USA, 2007, 10 minutes, Madison Young, English original version
Writers & Rockstars
Den musikalischen Stil eines Rockmusikers erkennt man beim Sex – behauptet zumindest die junge Dichterin Madison, die hier aus ihrem reichen Erfahrungsschatz berichtet.

“After dating hundreds of musicians I’ve come to the conclusion that rockers play music the same way they fuck. Some like to play hard and fast and some slow and soft… What kind of rocker are you?” Young poetess Madison divulges her steamy sexual experiences with hot rock stars.

H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation

documentary films A-Z

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DOCUMENTARY FILMS A-Z (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)


H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation

America XXX: A Tribute To Sex And Rock ‘n Roll H X D FT
25.10., 16:30, Eiszeit 2
USA, 2002, 73 minutes, Kris Kramski, English original version
A Tribute To Sex And Rock 'n Roll
This visually and artistically outstanding film by French fashion photographer Kramski is a true avantgarde porn with a politically ambitious undertone. A blend between fiction and documentary, this remains a unique work that combines music and traditional glossy porn iconography with bizarre and transgressive scenarios.

Barcelona Sex Project H X F
26.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2
Spanien, 2008, 110 minutes, Erika Lust, Spain original version with English subtitles
Barcelona Sex Project
Six portraits of true intimacy, personal interviews and real orgasms. “Barcelona Sex Project” is the latest production by Lust Films based on an original idea by Erika Lust. A feminist adult movie, created for women by women, the film discloses the private lives and sexuality of six individuals. The project is based on the conviction that women desire to know a person’s inner character (their beliefs, their character, their feelings, fears and passions) before becoming drawn to them on a sexually intimate level.

Blue H X D SW F
23.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2
Israel, 2007, 74 minutes, Maya Ne’emani, Hebrew original version with English subtitles
The documentary focuses on the lives of three Israeli porn actresses and follows them as they go through the uncensored stages of an adult film production. Pornography bears a strong connection to exploitation. Is it really so that we live in a world which allows one person to take advantage of other people’s personal problems, who feel they have no other choice but to sell their body for money? Or is it possible for women to work in the porn industry without being exploited?

Claudette T NX D SW F
25.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2
Switzerland, 2007, 63 minutes, Sylvie Cachin, French original version with English subtitles
Claudette is an enthusiastic 60-something who is a prostitute and proud of it. Born a hermaphrodite, married and the granddad of a happy family, she lives her ambivalent life with panache. At an age when she should be hanging up her garter, Claudette embarks on a public campaign to defend the rights of prostitutes, risking discovery of the truth about her occupation by her own family and friends. This multifaceted portrait offers food for thought on the nature of gender identity, sexuality, love and individual freedom.

Die Heide ruft: Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen H NX D SW F
26.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Want”
Germany, 2007, 60 minutes, Mirjam Mirwald, Danilo Vetter & Marius Zierold, German original version
Sexualbegleitung für Menschen mit Beeinträchtigungen
The documentary follows three people with learning difficulties (“mental disabilities”) during an erotic weekend workshop. It provides an in-depth discourse about sexuality and “disability” with professionals as well as the protagonists.

Durch die Nacht mit… Pierre Woodman & Brian Yuzna H NX D SW
26.10., 16:15, Moviemento 2, with Matthew Saliba’s “Vampyros Lesbos”
Germany, 2007, 52 minutes, Hasko Baumann, English original version
Durch die Nacht mit...   Pierre Woodman & Brian Yuzna
“One city, two artists, one night” is the formula for the meeting between the French pornographer Pierre Woodman and the American splatter director Brian Yuzna in Prague.

Geiler Scheiß – Ein Film über Jugendliche und Pornographie H NX D
Germany, 2008, 45 minutes, Medienprojekt Wuppertal, German original version
Geiler Scheiß - Ein Film über Jugendliche und Pornographie
In dem Dokumentarfilm reflektieren Jugendliche offen ihren unterschiedlichen Umgang mit Pornographie im Internet, auf DVDs, in Zeitschriften etc. Junge Pornographiekonsumenten, Experten und Kritiker kommen zu Wort. Im Mittelpunkt steht das Verhältnis zwischen Pornographie, Sexualität und Moralvorstellungen. Jugendliche mit sehr verschiedenem Umgang mit und Meinungen zu Pornographie wurden auf der Straße und in längeren Einzelinterviews befragt. Drei Jungen und drei Mädchen wurden geschlechtsgetrennt beim gemeinsamen Pornokonsum (DVDs, Magazine, Internet) dokumentiert und dieser anschließend reflektiert.

Im Zentrum stehen die Fragen, was Pornographie für Jugendliche bedeutet, das heißt, warum sie wie viel und was gucken bzw. nicht gucken und wie Pornographie auf sie wirkt. Welche Gefahren sehen sie für sich und andere und welche Bedeutung haben Altersbeschränkungen und Verbote für sie, in welchem Zusammenhang steht Pornographie zu ihrer eigenen Sexualität und wie sind die geschlechtsspezifischen Unterschiede. Pornographie wird (auch) moralisch, politisch und in Bezug auf das transportierte Menschen- und Frauenbild erörtert. Außerdem beschreibt und bewertet ein Sexualpädagoge den Pornokonsum bei Jugendlichen. Diese verwechselten in der Regel eben nicht Fiktion und Realität und seien “nicht doofer, verführbarer oder desorientierbarer als Erwachsene.”

Happy Video Privat H L T X
23.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 2
Happy Video Privat

Germany, 1980-2005, 75 minutes, Harry S. Morgan, German original version:
Birgit + Steffen aus Leipzig – Faustfick in Sachsen H X

aus “Leder Dildos, nasse Fotzen”
Esther aus Osnabrück – Bis zum letzten Tropfen H X

aus “…die geilen Schätzchen aus der Nachbarschaft”
Eva + Miro aus Wuppertal – Liebeslust im Zug H X

aus “Germany wie es leibt und liebt”
Karin + Ina aus Osnabrück – Harry ist sprachlos… L T X

aus “Pipi auf Karl-Heinz”
Silke + Marco aus Viersen – Anale Leidenschaft H X

aus “Orgasmus Spiele”
The German Harry S. Morgan started filming the private sex lives of Germany in the mid eighties. We screen a selection from his “Happy Video Privat” series. The sex scenes are preceded by interviews with the protagonists. All films and interviews are in German.

Herzfeuer (Heartfire) H T L NX D FT F
25.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2
Germany, 1993, 104 minutes, Mischka Popp & Thomas Bergmann, German original version with English subtitles

We took a trip through German bedrooms. We talked to single people and couples, young and old people all over the country about love, sex and erotic dreams, obsessions and hidden desires. No peep show, no lurid prying under the covers, no educational doctor games, but inquisitive provocative, solid and very open conversations. This is not merely another contribution to the mass of sex-guides, no DIY for eroticists, but an unsettling film from the sensual world. All contributors have one thing in common: an amazing directness and the courage of self recognition.

La nudité toute nue NX D
24.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Alex And Her Arse Truck”
Frankreich, 2007, 52 minutes, Olivier Nicklaus, französische original version with English subtitles

La nudité toute nue
On the front pages, during protest actions, in the cinema and at fitness centres, we increasingly face all sorts of human nakedness. Serious yet witty, this documentary uncovers the bare facts of the contemporary nude, from its performative and transgressive manifestations (Internet, strip tease, pornography, streaking) to its internalized almost spiritual expression (therapeutic forms such as naturism, yoga, naked trekking). The interviewees agreed to respond to the director’s questions, revealing the naked truth about the matter and making “La nudité toute nue” the first nudocumentary in cinema history.

Larry Flynt – The Right To Be Left Alone H NX D SW F
24.10., 20:15, Moviemento 2
USA, 2007, 81 minutes, Joan Brooker-Marks, English original version mit deutschen Untertiteln

Larry Flynt - The Right To Be Left Alone
Both hero and villain, both purveyor of pornography and tireless civil rights advocate, the always controversial publisher of Hustler magazine Larry Flynt is the subject of Joan Brooker-Marks’ tell-all documentary “Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone”. In a timely response to a current political situation where the fundamental civil rights of Americans are being challenged, the film offers an eye-opening and authoritative overview of Flynt’s long-standing struggles to expand the parameters of free speech and expose the hypocrisy of this country’s elected leaders. The documentary focuses on the self-confessed smut peddler’s usually contentious entanglements with politics – from his precedent-setting Supreme Court case against evangelist and adulterer Jerry Falwell, to his prison sentence for refusing to name his source for the tapes documenting FBI entrapment. “Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone” also profiles Flynt’s confrontation of the current administration of George W. Bush on the issues of civil liberties and government transparency as Flynt sued Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon for press access to the battlefield in Iraq.

Nina H X D SW
25.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1
France, 2007, 75 minutes, Thibault Staib, French original version with English subtitles

Nina and Sophie are two very different young women who are caught in the same body and mind. Nina is the porn star, while Sophie is the nice girl from next door. For two years, Nina took over Sophie’s everyday life. Nina took one job after another to finally fulfil her dream of becoming a porn star. She was hoping that the job would allow her to climb the social ladder, pay off her debts and gain recognition and love. But being an actress is a very tough job. Contrary to what people imagine, shooting a porn film is not only a pleasure, it can actually be quite painful for body and mind. One day, Sophie decided to have the upper hand, kick out Nina and stop shooting.
I met Nina at this turning point of our respective lives. Through my looking, both watchful and dumbstruck, I observed this woman managing a real metamorphosis. Then Sophie started writing an autobiography with the title “I Do Assume”: it was her opportunity to face Nina and to clarify the situation with her, but also to draw the attention of her peers. Step by step, our relationship became a love story. A unique and striking rebirth happened before my eyes. Also, with Sophie’s agreement and complicity, I shot her everyday life, our everyday life, to permit her to tell her story freely. For six months, I followed and questioned her to uncover the reasons that pushed her into this singular job. Quickly, I understood that nobody enters the porn industry by chance, neither for pleasure. All along our interviews and walks, the film found its line by itself: Sophie was writing to understand herself better, and I was filming to comprehend her better.
From introspection to autobiography, from assumed exhibitionism to daily life intimacy, the film stands for an impressionist narration built like an identity in re-composition. A story where drollness hides toughness, and obviousness buries contradiction. An unconcealed disorder where emotions jostle together until the portrait ends, before regaining a form of harmony.

Science Of Horror – If The Chainsaw Was A Penis (Science of Horror – Wenn die Kettensäge zum Penis wird) D
24.10., 20:15, Eiszeit 1
Germany, 2008, 81 minutes, Katharina Klewinghaus, English original version with German subtitles

Science Of Horror - If The Chainsaw Was A Penis
Horror films are pornographic and eroticise the abject. Yet, they relieve, they are humorous and challenge cultural taboos. “Science Of Horror” is the first documentary to analyze horror film from the perspective of feminist film critique. Carol Clover discovers the “final girl” in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, an androgynous but clearly feminine hero. Therewith, Clover delivers an essential formula of the genre and the foundation for further assumptions. Women are horror’s favourite victims but also its heroes. The phallus, indicator of social power, becomes a flexible object in horror: The chainsaw in the “final girl’s” hands allows a different look on the cultural norms of Western societies – the genre undermines heterosexual attribution. It is with that theory in mind, that Judith Halberstam develops a queer reading of the genre and illustrates along the “Chucky” series how explicitly sexuality runs through horror and which sexual vicissitudes the genre offers. Those theoretic assumptions are proven with citations from well-known horror films and confronted with statements of renowned filmmakers. Thus, the documentary is the first to lead a discourse between film theory and film practice. Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Tom Savini comment on their films and their fans. Bruce Campbell explains why he depicts a male victim in the “Evil Dead” movies. Joe Hill criticizes “torture porn” because of its shallowness, whereas Neil Marshall elucidates why “The Descent” consciously plays with audience’s expectations. The documentary concludes that there is more to the genre than the sum of its effects. Horror is utterly unique.

Secret Museums NX D
24.10., 16:15, Moviemento 2
Belgium, 2008, 76 minutes, Peter Woditsch, original version with English subtitles

Secret Museums
A documentary looking at the phenomena of hidden erotic art. These pieces are kept in bank safes, hidden behind strong walls and secret doors of the Vatican, lying in special depots of the Louvre-Museum, in special rooms of universities and the British Library or – in private houses. They are erotic, they are art and they have been created by the most known artists and yet only few experts know about these treasures.
In this documentary we are tracking down lost and forgotten treasures of fascinating art. We examine the question how art can be so powerful that it needs to be destroyed, hidden and ignored in our world where all kinds of erotica can be found at any newspaper stand, on TV, DVD and the Internet? It is a subject that few of us know much about, but which has implications for all.

Wrangler: Anatomy Of An Icon H S NX D SW
26.10., 16:30, Eiszeit 2
USA, 2008, 90 minutes, Jeffrey Schwartz, English original version

Anatomy Of An Icon
There have been dozens of gay porn stars, but only one Jack Wrangler. Bursting onto the scene in the early ’70s, he wasn’t the typical obscure object of desire but a full-bodied, self-confident stud. Buff, masculine and clearly comfortable in his own skin, Wrangler was more than just a hot guy to fantasize about – he was a role model. With a screen persona that blended virility with a sly eye for fun, Wrangler was the first out actor to show how a gay man could be strong, secure and lustful. In this entertaining oral history of the ground-breaking 70’s, the self-aware (and self-deprecating) Wrangler describes his journey from skinny Beverly Hills brat (his hard-to-please father was a production exec on “Bonanza”) to aspiring actor to a brand name with a product line. Fans from Chi Chi LaRue to Marc Shaiman to Bruce Vilanch drop by to recall the heady days of gay movie houses and to sing Jack’s praises. Rounding out the package are a wealth of clips of Wrangler strutting his stuff in vintage films. Proving that there are second – and third – acts in American life, Wrangler successfully made the jump to straight porn and, in recent years, established himself as a serious director of serious theatre. The most surprising turn in Wrangler’s iconoclastic life, however, was meeting and wooing songbird Margaret Whiting. Creative and vital, and as unconcerned as ever with the limits others would place on him, Jack Wrangler is still a role model.

H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation

feature films A-Z

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FEATURE FILMS A-Z (http://www.pornfilmfestivalberlin.de)


H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation

A Gun For Jennifer NX
26.10., 22:30, Eiszeit 2
USA, 1996, 91 minutes, Todd Morris, English original version with German subtitles

A Gun For Jennifer
A gang of raped women takes revenge against the chauvinist, violent male world around them.

A Night At The Adonis S X
26.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1
USA, 1977, 83 minutes, Jack Deveau, English original version

“A Night At The Adonis” tracks Jack Wrangler’s night of sexploits at the titular Adonis Theatre, a notorious Times Square movie house. It strikes a successful balance between romantic comedy and nasty man-on-man action, not lacking in thick plot. The film opens with an establishing shot of the Adonis coming to life, its neon lights shimmering in the late evening twilight as the employees go about checking out the facilities.

Bacchanale H S X
24.10., 16:00, Moviemento 1
USA, 1970/2006, 65 minutes, John & Lem Amero, no dialogue

In the year 1970 the brothers John and Lem Amero presented one of the most extraordinary sex films of the 70’s. In a surreal conglomerate of explicit pornography and psychedelic dream sequences, they penetrated deep into the core of the zeitgeist and with the help of many multicolored filters they created a cinematic trip beyond all comparisons.
To pay homage to this underground cult film, 57 audio artists set themselves at the behest of the New York Art Collective Monkey Town to re-interpret it and sew a new sonic garment on its entire body.
The result is amazing: Not only does it boost the intoxicating character of “Bacchanale” to an immense degree, but also through the various themes of the musical background, there emerges a collection of 57 short, totally different miniatures, that in the end make a whole. Bacchanale 2006 – it is more than a film, it is an experience!

The Bad Luck Betties H X
22.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1
USA, 2008, 123 minutes, Winkytiki, English original version

The Bad Luck Betties
When four aspiring starlets find themselves in the seedy underbelly of show business, their dreams of stardom turn into a living hell. Once deemed “damaged goods”, they end up fending for themselves on the margins of society.

Now hardened, restless and with an insatiable appetite for revenge and ultra violence, they take control of “Transaction Junction”, the main intersection used by the purveyors of vice to supply Hollywood’s demand for contraband. Their lucrative racket is at risk when the completion of the freeway bypass threatens to take away their control of their “Hollywood connection”. No one gets in or out without paying their dues!! These vixens had nothing to loose and everything to gain!!

Dankon – The Man S NX
26.10., 22:15, Moviemento 2, mit “M2M Eyeball”
Japan, 1998, 60 minutes, SONO Sion, no dialogue

Dankon - The Man
An urban fable about a gay police man and a serial killer – an early pink film from one of Japan’s most innovative film makers.

Daughter Of Darkness (Mie men can an zhi nie sha) L NX
25.10., 22:15, Moviemento 2
Hongkong, 1993, 96 minutes, Ivan Lai Kai-Ming, Chinese original version with English subtitles

After being raped by her father, teenager Mak Wei-Fong plots revenge against her abusive family who kept silent. Police suspect a young teenager who was horrifically abused by her family and raped by her father of finally snapping and slaughtering them all.

The Doll Underground H X
24.10., 20:00, Eiszeit 1
26.10., 16:00, Moviemento 1
USA, 2008, 112 minutes, Eon McKai, English original version

The Doll Underground
Inspired by the late 60s activist-turned-militant Leftist collective, The Weathermen, the Doll Underground are here to wake up our day-dreaming nation from the financial dictatorship that continues to crush it. Lead by Dorrn Adorn, these sexually-charged revolutionaries take refuge in LA’s now entombed Belmont Tunnel. Outfitted in Lolita Gothic uniforms and strapped with home-made explosives, the Dolls plot to take down the Owners by any means necessary.

Edward Penishands H X
24.10., 22:15, Eiszeit 1, with “Filthy”
USA, 1991, 83 minutes, Paul Norman, English original version

A trashy, pornographic homage to Tim Burton’s “Edward Scissorhands” and a true party film.

Feeling It!
26.10., 22:15, Moviemento 1
Great Britain, 2007/2008, 70 minutes, Petra Joy, English original version

Feeling It!
Award winning director Petra Joy continues her sensual revolution of the adult movie genre by creating art-core rather than hard-core erotica. Her third erotic film “Feeling it” celebrates intimacy, sensuality and ecstasy. The focus is on female pleasure. The film is based on Petra’s motto “Feeling it, not faking it!” and features players who enjoy a genuine sensual chemistry rather than putting on an act for the cameras. The vignettes are based on female fantasies that women from all over the world shared with Petra. This movie is a visual erotic feast that aims to inspire, excite and liberate beyond the clichés of mainstream porn that leave most women cold. Petra is proud to promote safe sex and feature a multinational cast. We hope you enjoy watching the lovers experiencing breathtaking orgasms as much as we loved filming them. May this film bring pleasure to you!

Fisting Underground Berlin, Part 1 S X
26.10., 20:30, Eiszeit 1
USA, 2008, ca. 90 minutes, Matthias von Fistenberg, no dialogue

Fisting Underground Berlin, Part 1
While the sex technique of fisting horrifies many, women (straight and lesbian) discover the pleasure of vaginal fisting more and more. Anal fisting, mostly practiced among gay men, is highly underrated as a solely rough and brutal play. In “Fisting Underground, Part 1” we’re able to see the most sensitive and devoted side of gay men. Surprisingly cocks don’t play such a big role in this, so we see the actors in an almost female way of engaging in the highest intimacy – interesting not only for gay men but for all women who’ve been curious about fisting lately.

Forced Entry H X
23.10., 22:30, Moviemento 3
USA, 1973, 82 minutes, Shaun Costello, English original version
with an introduction by Stefan Höltgen (Bonn)

A traumatised war veteran turns into a brutal rapist and serial killer until he meets two hippie girls who shake up his world and show him sexual liberation.

George Bataille’s Story of the Eye H L S X FT
23.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2
25.10., 16:15, Eiszeit 1
USA, 2004, 81 minutes, Andrew Repasky McElhinney, English original version

George Bataille's Story of the Eye
“Arranging narrative is a bourgeois mania” – director McElhinney makes it clear in his very loose adaptation of George Batailles’ famous/infamous “Story of the Eye” that the “story” here is not his primary concern. In loosely linked, enigmatic episodes, he explores the world of the scandalous author. With the prologue of documented scenes of a child birth, he gives the viewers some biographical details about Bataille through a voice over, just to be able to later leave them on their own in a ride through themes, patterns and other elements of Bataille’s work, that always dealt with sexuality, power, intoxication, delimitation and transgression. Only few isolated excerpts help with the classification of what is presented, which wildly oscillates between pornography and experimental art. McElhinney denies to fulfill the pragmatic function of pornography by not addressing a clearly defined target audience: The three erotic episodes of the “Story of the Eye” show a gay, a lesbian and a heterosexual encounter, with various fetishes are being addressed. A film against the narrow-minded mentality, a film for an audience in the mood for an adventure – a film, that even Bataille would have liked!

Hell’s Kittens. A Vampire Supermodel Love Story (Director’s Cut) H X
25.10., 22:15, Eiszeit 1
USA, 2008, 82 minutes, Joe Gallant, English original version

Hell's Kittens. A Vampire Supermodel Love Story
Vapid model-trash find themselves fucked, bitten and turned by a new race of future-humans. The government is hot on everyone’s trail, eager to wipe out this new breed. Anarchist polemic and hot, nasty, anal / atm throughout…

Homopunx S X
24.10., 18:15, Moviemento 3
Germany, 2008, 112 minutes, Jörg Andreas, English original version

Handsome young Frenchman Brice is visiting Berlin. He stays in a sexy shared flat and his new flatmates party and fuck all night. The next day they take him along to a porno photoshoot, where even shy Brice gets a share of the hot boy action.

In Search Of The Wild Kingdom L X F
23.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1, with “Beautiful Agony”
26.10., 22:15, Xenon, with “Beautiful Agony”
USA, 2006, 60 minutes, Shine Louise Huston, English original version

In Search Of The Wild Kingdom
“In Search Of The Wild Kingdom” is a mock-documentary that playfully explores the limits of sexual orientation. “Award-winning documentary maker” Georgia Mann comes to San Francisco to produce her new film, “Lesbians of San Francisco” … and proceeds to violate every single rule of documentary film making, crew management, and perhaps even the law. At the end, she’s not a bit closer to understanding what lesbianism really is (although her crew makes some discoveries of their own). And, of course, we’re treated to some very hot sex along the way.
Shot with intimacy, honesty, and a sense of humor “In Search Of The Wild Kingdom” continues Shine Louise Houston’s explorations of the fluidity of gender and sexuality, while serving as a strong tonic for those tired of cookie-cutter porn.

Island Fever H X
25.10., 22:30, Moviemento 3
Czech Republic, 2003, 90 minutes, Tom Herold, English original version

Island Fever
“Island Fever” travels to sensual and mysterious Ibiza to experience life amidst the island’s feverish landscapes. Director Tom Herold (“Fucker Takes All”, Pornfilmfestival 2006) uses the island’s magic to weave together a tale of passion, intrigue and non-stop sun-soaked sex. From poolside passion to steamy sexual encounters on a luxurious yacht, Herold makes great use of his backdrops and his gorgeous tanned cast. “Island Fever” follows the story of a struggling writer (played by Herold) who can’t decide what kind of story to write to portray his beloved island, Ibiza. Through his indecision, we get treated to a host of different sex fantasy scenarios.

Japan Japan S X FT
26.10., 20:15, Eiszeit 1, mit “Pathways”
Israel / USA / Germany, 2007, 65 minutes, Lior Shamriz, Hebrew original version with English subtitles

Japan Japan
The movie tells the story of Imri who at 19 goes to live in Tel Aviv, but dreams of moving to Japan. Through his relationships and encounters and in diverse cinematic tools, we are introduced to the young man’s life. An exploration of living in the exotic city of Tel Aviv is presented through a hero who is himself in the midst of exploring his own choice of an exotic place. A unique correlation is formed between the hero’s misconception of Japan and ours of him. The movie was constructed by both improvised and pre-scripted scenes, as required by the nature of each scene.

Johan S X
24.10., 22:30, Eiszeit 2
France, 1976, 90 minutes, Philippe Vallois, French original version with English subtitles

Johan was supposed to be the main actor in a movie, but he is in jail right now. So the director searches for a substitute for Johan in the gay scene of Paris in the 1970s, only to come to the conclusion that the beautiful, mysterious Johan can’t be substituted.

John S X F
24.10., 16:30, Moviemento 3
25.10., 22:15, Xenon
New Zealand, 2006, 86 minutes, Astrid Glitter, English original version

John is a regular kiwi guy who’s tired of one-night stands. Men just want to shoot and leave, when John really just wants to have someone to love. An array of curious characters surround John’s life – Rebecca, the jealous flatmate, Leigh with his “bag of tricks”, straight workmate Andy and hirsute Bill; bisexual friend Steve and his accomodating fiancée Joanna who lets him have sex with men, and Hunter, the stripper, with Darius, his driver.
“John” is the first XXX gay release 100% made in New Zealand – it’s a real story, with realistic characters, plots, a generous amount of gay sex scenes and a rocking soundtrack including ska, punk, jazz, metal, electronica and easy listening.

The Lost Door H L X
23.10., 18:30, Moviemento 3
France, 2007, 119 minutes, Roy Stuart, French original version with English subtitles

The Lost Door
Frenzy, lust, obsession and trauma come together in this visionary film: Christina is accused of murdering her boyfriend Marc and is questioned again and again by the young psychologist Catherine in a mental hospital. Christine’s memories, hallucinations and stream of consciousness draw the psychologist closer and force her to face her hidden desires.

Mu Zi Mei L H NX F
26.10., 20:00, Moviemento 1, with the winner Blue Movie Award
China / USA, 2007, 97 minutes, Shadow Gao, Chinese original version with English subtitles

Mu Zi Mei
“An underground hero to China’s youth. Mu Zi Mei’s story is an emblem of the sexual revolution in China” wrote the Washington Post about this surprising and refreshing film about the young Chinese blogger Mu Zi Mei whose fame became bigger than life. With her careless attitude and gigantic self-confidence the famous girl collects lovers and the stories about their sexual failures. As the closing film of the festival “Mu Zi Mei” contains all the essential aspects of the Pornfilmfestival.

My Israeli Platoon S X
23.10., 22:15, Xenon
25.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1
Israel, 2008, 60 minutes, Roy Raz, Hebrew original version with English subtitles

My Israeli Platoon
Five stories based on the director’s experience in the Israeli army illustrate what really happens behind the scenes of one of the strongest army forces in the world. Through the events that unravel in this film, taking place in an army base in the South of the country and also in Tel Aviv, we get to see a darker side of the IDF. From the first day in the base until the first weekend at home, through some hard moments in the long weeks of service and with narration by the director himself, this semi porn-documentary shows that three years in the Israeli army cannot be that bad…

Not The Bradys XXX H X
23.10., 22:30, Eiszeit 2
USA, 2007, 90 minutes, Will Ryder, English original version

Not the Bradys XXX
Faced with financial difficulties at home due to slow business at his architectural firm, Mike and his wife Carol reluctantly tell the kids that the entire household will be on a budget for the next few months until business picks up again and the cash crisis ends. The kids get together and decide to help out by taking on odd jobs, holding car washes and pitching in wherever they can to help save the family house from bank foreclosure. Mayhem ensues especially when Marcia unwittingly applies for a job as a model and finds out she’s about to star in an adult movie. Based on the popular TV series “The Brady Bunch”, this is “Parody Porn” at its best.

Notre Secret S X
23.10., 20:15, Eiszeit 1
Frankreich, 2008, 100 minutes, Menoboy, French original version with English subtitles

Notre Secret
Ayshan finally proposes to his girlfriend Gwen. Her gay best friend Marco has secret fantasies about Ayshan and is set to get him, whatever the cost.

Ole Ege – The Naughty Boy (Ole Ege den grimme dreng) H X D
24.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, with “Pornography – A Musical”
Danmark, 1996, 83 minutes, Torben Skjødt Jensen, Danish original version with English subtitles

Ole Ege - The Naughty Boy (Ole Ege den grimme dreng)
When Denmark legalised pornography in 1969, Danish filmmaker Ole Ege led the way, pushing the boundaries of acceptability to the limit. This documentary profiles Ege’s life and work, and examines how a previously prudish society reacted to the sudden advent of total freedom.

Ole Ege passionately professes eroticism – the girls, their forms and their nature. He sharply distinguishes between eroticism and pornography, but due to increasing competition, Ole Ege started Color Climax porno films, where he not only filmed girls, but now also let men appear. As this developed in the direction of hard core pornography, Ole Ege stopped as this was not his field.

Pornography – A Musical (Pornografi – en musical) H X
24.10., 22:00, Moviemento 1, with “Ole Ege – The Naughty Boy”
Danmark, 1971, 54 minutes, Ole Ege, no dialogue

Pornography - A Musical (Pornografi - en musical)
The film is composed of a series of explicit short films from the times when the ladies had hair between their legs: “Crazy Strip” (1970), “Dream Girl (Drømmepigen)” (1966), “Three Lively Girls (3 raske piger)” (1964), “A Jolly Shave (En lystig barbering)” (1964), “Harem” (1968), “The American Girl (Amerikanerinden)” (1970), “Ilse” (1969), “Spanking” (1970), “Group Sex (Gruppes sex)” (1969) and “Springtime In Tivoli (Forår i Tivoli)” (1969). With music by the jazz musicians Dexter Gordon and the Kenny Drews Trio, recorded in Kopenhagen’s famous Jazzhus Montmartre.

Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls L X FT F
24.10., 22:15, Xenon
25.10., 22:30, Eiszeit 2
France, 2008, 80 minutes, Maria Beatty, English original version

Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls
After the Third World War and global warming have transformed the planet into a desert, what remains? Two post-apocalyptic cowgirls in leather and Stetsons! A delicious submissive hitchhikes on a bleak Arizona highway. A car stops. A tough exotic amazon with a gun and boots invites her into the car. The chemistry between these two sexy, dangerous lesbian chicks is gonna make you hotter than the desert sun. They spank, fist-fuck, lick and play with boots, guns, snakes, and cacti in the dust. Their sex is a dripping wet oasis from the heat! Lydia Lunch’s voiceover commentary adds another dimension.

SMS Sugar Man H NX SW
24.10., 18:00, Moviemento 1
South Africa, 2008, 80 minutes, Aryan Kaganof, English original version

SMS Sugar Man
“I cannot remember when I last watched a film with my eyes SO WIDE OPEN. I looked in the mirror afterwards and my eyes were bloodshot: I had hardly blinked. Philosophically, this film has eclipsed the existentialist novelist Kafka, when, lost in the labyrinth, he searched for meaning through the morass of bureaucracy getting nowhere. Here Kaganof (author, director, painter, poet) searches for meaning by plumbing the depths of the male psyche, and gets everywhere. Modern Jungian analysts would have a field day in recognising the various aspects of the psyche: the multiple levels of the animus and anima, revealed with such dramatic comprehension. Put bluntly, “SMS Sugar Man” is a cinematic masterpiece of its time, its place: which happens to be Johannesburg, South Africa.” (Helge Janssen)

Solos S NX
26.10., 18:15, Moviemento 2, with “Sex By Nationality”
Singapur, 2007, 68 minutes, Zihan Loo & Kan Lume, no dialogue

This mysterious, inventive film from Singapore uses a taboo subject – the sexual relationship between a male teacher and male student – to explore the fallout from an all-consuming love affair. Inspired by true events, “Solos” was banned in its home country for sexual explicitness and tells its story from a distance, giving its characters, who remain nameless, an iconic feel.

What makes “Solos” most radical to 21st century audiences is precisely what makes it cinematic to the core: There is no dialogue. But it would be incorrect to call the film silent, as it makes full use of ambient noise, creating an aural atmosphere that equals the striking digital cinematography. Most of the film is shot in static long-shot, making the silence of the characters palpable and their emotions raw. Though it focuses largely on the prolonged breakup of the student and teacher, the film gives much of its weight to the boy’s mother, who acutely feels the loss of her son. Scenes of the teacher and student having sex, arguing and eating are juxtaposed with scenes of the mother, alone and in her omnipresent nightgown, retreating deeper into her world of isolation and melancholy.

Co-directors Kan Lume and Zihan Loo (who wrote the screenplay and also plays the student) demonstrate a flair for poetic imagery, deadpan humor and, most importantly, profound sympathy for their characters.

25.10., 20:15, Eiszeit 1, with “The Fall Of Communism As Seen In Gay Pornography”
USA, 1962/2007, 56 minutes, William E. Jones, silent

“Tearoom” consists of footage shot by the police in the course of a crackdown on public sex in the American Midwest. In the summer of 1962, the Mansfield, Ohio Police Department photographed men in a restroom under the main square of the city. The cameramen hid in a closet and watched the clandestine activities through a two-way mirror. The film they shot was used in court as evidence against the defendants, all of whom were found guilty of sodomy, which at that time carried a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in the state penitentiary. The original surveillance footage shot by the police came into the possession of director William E. Jones while he was researching this case for a documentary project. The unedited scenes of ordinary men of various races and classes meeting to have sex were so powerful that the director decided to present the footage with a minimum of intervention. “Tearoom” is a radical example of film presented “as found” for the purpose of circulating historical images that have otherwise been suppressed.

Tears Of Ecstasy (Ekusutashi no namida: Chiin) S NX
24.10., 16:30, Eiszeit 2, with “Sex Brain Melody (Ep. 2)”
Japan, 1995, 60 minutes, OKI Hiroyuki, Japanese original version with English subtitles

Tears Of Ecstasy
An experimentally deconstructed version of a pink sex film, including psychedelic escapades and a sound track by John Zorn.

Three Days of Darkness (Tatlong Araw Ng Kadiliman) L NX
25.10., 16:15, Moviemento 2
Philippinen, 2007, 90 minutes, Khavn De La Cruz, Tagalog original version with English subtitles

Three Days of Darkness
Armageddon stretches into three long days, trapping three women in a house as darkness shrouds over the world and fulfils the doomsday prophecy. As they claw and feel their way around the ominous old house, the women are confounded with their demons within and the demons unleashed on earth. The suffocating, palpable dark turns every second into an agonizing eternity and they are catapulted into choosing between ways to combat their mortal dread – turning to religion for any desperate hope of redemption or satiating their lustful desires for one another in what could be their last remaining hours.

Tokyo X Erotica H NX
23.10., 22:15, Moviemento 2
Japan, 2001, 78 minutes, ZEZE Takahisa, Japanese original version with German subtitles

Tokyo X Erotica
A philosophically profound meditation about sex and death: young Kenji dies in a gift gas attack while his girl friend, prostitute Haruka, is strangled to death. More than ten years later the two meet again, searching for a future beyond ecstasy and violence.

Uncle’s Paradise (Ojisan Tengoku) H NX
24.10., 22:15, Moviemento 2, with “RAN-Easter”
Japan 2006, 64 minutes, IMAOKA Shinji, Japanese original version with German subtitles

Uncle's Paradise
Haruo’s uncle Takashi moves in with him. Whenever he gets tired, he will take any woman available and takes his nephew along on a bizarre trip into sexual hell.

Vampire Diary L NX
23.10., 22:15, Eiszeit 2
Great Britain, 2007, 90 minutes, Mark James & Phil O’Shea, English original version with German subtitles

Vampire Diary
Holly is shooting a documentary about London’s neo vampire scene when she meets the mysterious Vicky, who claims to be a real vampire. Holly is intrigued and falls for Vicky, with all the blood red consequences…

Vampyres L NX
26.10., 20:15, Eiszeit 1
Great Britain, 1974, 87 minutes, José Ramón Larraz, English original version

A large mansion and the surrounding woodland are for sale. For some reason, it is difficult to sell it… Two female vampires ensnare male and female victims with their sexy bodies, then chew their blood the old way. When an American Lady fights back, they team-up against her…

This Hammer-flavored gothic outing (originally titled “Daughters Of Dracula”) involves the sanguinary exploits of two female vampires who bed down together in a queen-sized coffin by day and seduce male and female victims by moonlight, leading to lots of steamy soft-core sex scenes followed by copious amounts of the red stuff. One of their victims falls in love with Moore, even as he grows increasingly anemic due to her nutritional requirements. Moody photography and lush sets enhance the film’s fatally hedonistic atmosphere, and the stars assay temptingly feline performances that render their characters’ seductive powers chillingly real. This was a late entry in the European “lesbian vampire” sub-genre, a 1970s phenomenon made popular by such filmmakers as Jean Rollin and Jess Franco that made a comeback in the late 1990s.

Voyeur H X
25.10., 18:15, Eiszeit 1
USA, 1985, 77 minutes, Chuck Vincent, English original version

In “Voyeur”, Wrangler plays a lawyer entangled in the world of crime and desire. Director Chuck Vincent managed to create in the last film of his lifetime a high production value almost Hollywood-like piece that artistically combines the world of classical crime films and hot porn.

Where Your Heart Should Be S X
25.10., 18:30, Moviemento 3
26.10., 22:15, Eiszeit 1
USA, 2008, 70 minutes, Todd Verow, English original version

Where Your Heart Should Be
The movie follows an ex-United States Marine (X) who for his 25th birthday plans a no-holds barred gang bang in which he gets fucked by any guy who shows up. Meanwhile filmmaker Todd’s own relationship is collapsing as he himself has darker and darker fantasies. Both X and Todd are from Maine.


H = Heterosexual, S = Gay, L = Lesbian, T = Transgender,
NX = does not contain explicit sex scenes, X = contains explicit sex scenes,
D = documentary film, FT = Fetish, SW = Sexwork
(films on sex work and prostitution),
F = films made by female directors, A = animation